We Won…Now, Act Like It

Southern Beale beat me to it, but all I could think of after reading this was AWHELLNO!

Yet another example of Republicans having no long-term investment vision, and yet another example of why Democrats are viewed as spineless appeasers.  Fund this, and don’t look back.  If some Republican shows up on TV crying about it, send one Democrat to explain why this is a good thing, and a right and just thing.

Fight, goddamit.


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3 responses to “We Won…Now, Act Like It

  1. The Missus

    I don’ get it. The stimulus bill is important, why water it down trying to get R’s to support it. That’s not the way R’s play the game. As you said they have no long term vision.

  2. Jon

    Well, I’ll give ’em this … I don’t know what lifting this rule has to do with stimulus (jokes about the condoms being ribbed notwithstanding).

    I don’t really mind it being included, because I would like to see the rule lifted, and I understand that this sort of bundling is just how stuff gets done — but I hate that it is so, enough that I can certainly understand if Obama chooses to dump it.

  3. Sure! Democrats are in power and Queen Nancy tells the other side to F-off, as the myrmidon whine that “They did it FIRST!”

    And the endless carousel goes around one more time.

    Let’s hope that Barry can come up with something more unifying than “Stop listening to the other side”.

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