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From a commenter at The Daily Show:

Two people have just jumped the wide, blurry line separating “maverick” and “lunatic.” McCain went first, using only a few hours and checklist politics to pick someone that could easily inherit the presidency. Palin followed, her acceptance showing levels of ignorance and hubris that would embarrass even George W. Bush. With such jumping abilities, both candidates should be shoo-ins for the next Olympics. However, I predict they will settle for silver this November.


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If its Palin

A commenter over at Ezra’s house nails it:

. McCain wants to pull in Hillary voters, so he thinks he’ll accomplish this by picking a younger, prettier, but immensely less-qualified woman than Clinton to get the promotion she didn’t? Becuase, you know, middle-age women LOVE that story?


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Feel Good Friday: We’ll Get There

My favorite line?  “I’ve got a fever.”  That will surely have insecure white-guys running toward McCain.  Ha!


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If You Build It…

I’ll have more to say in the morning, as I am still wearing last night’s excesses….but I’ve enjoyed watching Nathan Moore live-blog his own melt-down.  (I’d link, but to which bit of the screed?)


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S’cuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

I’m pretty sure I inspired this website.  My friends find it funny that I seldom, if ever, hear the lyrics to most songs.  I don’t think I was always this way, since I definitely had a bustle in my hedgerow, and wasn’t at all alarmed.

Last night was no different.  The Primary Wife turned 26 last night, and to celebrate, we went to see these guys.

Wow.  haven’t had that much fun since I saw dada live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Unbelievable guitar work.  I believe Rolling Stone’s review said “brilliance on nylon strings” or something close.  When i went to pee, the guy at the urinal next to me remarked “you know, you hear some guys play, it makes you want to go home and practice, these guys make me want to go home and sell my gear.”  Turns out, he works for Gibson.  Seriously, if you wield an axe for a living or just for fun, catch these guys if can.  They are headed to Louisville today, in case anyone wants to see them this weekend.

BTW, I mentioned the whole misheard lyrics thing because I didn’t understand a word they sang.  Their front man was energetic as hell, and belted out what I’m sure were compelling yet poignant songs about brotherhood, love, the spirit of the Southwest, and Barack Obama, but he could have just been reading a french toast recipe for all I understood.  Didn’t matter. I danced every song and screamed myself hoarse.

Man, its a long drive home from The Mercy Lounge, though.


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Beale Keeps It Real

In case anyone is still interested in what happens to people in a war zone, one of our most tenacious local bloggers talks about a bombing raid gone horribly wrong.  Too many young people buy into the idea that questioning “official reports” is tantamount to being unpatriotic.  Some of us older folks remember the lies we were fed during our war….Vietnam.  Our skepticism is warranted.

Members of our Fourth Estate trade access for accountability.  How difficult it must be to write something critical of an elected official after eating his barbecued ribs, sipping his wine, and hanging out with his kids. I’ll never understand how any self-respecting news division would accept a story from a reporter who was friggin  dancing on stage with Karl Rove, and who had the head of DHS at his baby shower?

I don’t buy into this notion that this is the kind of coverage Americans want.  The Boomers want news.  The kids behind us don’t know anything else but the swill they have been fed.

I can’t go into all this today, but I had to acknowledge Southern Beale’s effort.  Without people like her, the internet would be filled with “Dancing With Stars” reviews.  Oh, wait.


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Egghead Academic Gets One Right

I tease.

Saw this over at Tiny Cat Pants, had to share it.  Worth the time, trust me.


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