About Me

At 6’4″, 225, I am an imposing physical presence. Thankfully, my time spent with the Dalai Lama taught me to not rely on my extreme physical prowess, the better to let my pure and enlightened soul be the thing that draws people near. And so it is.  Please do not let my Mensa membership intimidate you to the point that you do not leave a comment, I accept all viewpoints here, regardless of how poorly thought-out. Lastly, please do not hold me accountable for my Adonis-like looks, especially my piercing eyes, (done up in blueprint blue) as these attributes are an accident of birth, quite possibly a virgin birth.  So, welcome, dear visitor, your presence is celebrated!

23 responses to “About Me

  1. Put something in here! Suggestion: “I’m just a guy with dreamy eyes, and somewhat of a jerk.”

  2. Ooops, did I say dreamy? I meant beady…

  3. He does have dreamy eyes! You know, for an outlaw.

  4. Mack knows that I him because I care…

  5. uh, how did that happen…

    Mack knows that I *tease* him because I care…

    er, Freudian slip?

  6. Mensa, huh? I gotta say, joining that outfit was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

  7. Actually, Bill, I wasn’t even sure how to spell it…

  8. Hey Mack –

    took me a bit to find your blog and thanks for your comments on mine. sorry about the problem finding an email for me – when i switched to Blogger 2.0 it left it out, but it’s back in there now under my profile.
    feel free to drop me a line!!

  9. so like umm, we’re both in tn and share the same template. it’s destiny that we should know each other. love the blog.

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  11. nice about page… not the norm. ya know 100,000 things about me that you don’t really want to know.

  12. Sue Donym

    Gee, yeah, Mack, you could be in Mensa, you write well enough you’d probably pass the test(s) – you get to pick. But it sounds like you have enough intelligent friends already! ;-p

  13. democommie


    Did you ever e-mail me?

    You are an imposing dude, but gently impositional, ifuknowudimean.

  14. Demo…my sincerest apologies…please email me at freespeech 43 (yahoo)

    If you did this before, you got lost when I seperated business account with personal. (long story)

  15. You left out your extreme humility.

  16. gregg

    (old roger draft-dodger
    Leavin by the basement door),
    Everybody knows what hes
    Tippy-toeing down there for

    and what about all those tiny burn holes in your t-shirts daddy-o? yeah what about dem??

  17. I am impressed…and oh so curious… Any guy who actually knows and likes both Chrissy Hynde and Johnette Napilitano, and decribes himself the way you do, has really got to be something!!

  18. J.N. hooked me with “Jenny I Read” a long time ago….

  19. Rodney


    saw your comment on Jim Baca’s blog site and wanted to let you know – all you have to do is Google “Hatch Green Chili” or some variation of same and you can easily have frozen chili expressed to your very own front door.

  20. Not so easily, Rodney..believe me I have tried. Besides, I’d like to be referred by someone who has actually tasted the chile…

  21. Mr Mack
    I see you have taken the liberty to comment about a post about me. Funny thing is that the post has inaccurate information and I couldn’t stop laughing about how wrong some of it is.

    I am flattered that some people have taken the time to write about me and how I support the English language.

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