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Maybe I’ll Just Read Beale Instead

I have dozens of posts languishing in my ‘drafts’ folder.  They will probably remain there, unfinished, and eventually deleted because the subject matter has exceeded it’s shelf-life.    I can’t count how many times I’ve opened my laptop and started furiously typing away about something I’m outraged about, only to find that halfway through, I remember that this will not be important or relevant the next day.  Information flickers across my screen at such speed and volume that I literally cannot give it all the time for proper reflection.  I’ve come to resent the time it takes trying to do that.  Sure, take any event, and I could quickly craft a readable paragraph about it and move on, but the likelihood is that it would be framed in a partisan manner, that is, I would view said event as a Liberal, or as a Democrat, or as a tax-payer, and thus begin my analysis of it from one of those baselines.  I can’t explain why that feels so…flawed, yet it does.  So, I don’t expect to write so much about politics for awhile.  Or, you know, I might.

I don’t intend to insulate myself from news, of course, and as I make my rounds each day to my handful of trusted news or opinion sites, I may from time to time share something here that I read. I’m enjoying You-tube a great deal these days, so expect to see music videos.  I take a good deal of ribbing because I like to talk to strangers, but I really feel that a person’s time is better spent engaging blood and muscle than some disembodied alter ego that couldn’t survive in Meatworld.  So, I hope to write a little about the people I meet while I’m out and about.  Also, The Primary Wife has expressed a desire to share ideas on exercise and nutrition with area youngsters, so I’m anxious to help her do that, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my plans to win a Disc Golf Tournament by the time I’m 55.  I’m not even kidding, long before I was a Liberal or a Democrat or a father for that matter I was an athlete,  and it is high time (hee) that I asked more of my body than to be a repository for toxic material.  So, there it is.

I’m going to get another tattoo.  Maybe, “One Nation Under Par”?


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Longest Celebration Evah

Yup, I’m just now coming off my post Super Bowl bender.  Thats why I haven’t posted since Feb 5th.  No, really.

Ha, you should see my “Drafts” folder.  brimming with nuggets o’ wisdom, I tell ya.  I swear to God I have a very long draft explaining why there is so much in my “Drafts” folder.

Okay, I took a few weeks to access things, and focus some energy on real world stuff.  Then its all, read, analyze, contemplate,  re-read, etc….in the end, I’m just as spun.  So, back to embracing the chaos.

More to follow.

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Saints Win!

Great game.  Great performances by Brees, Colston, Addai, and of course, Manning.  Excellent coaching, which may have been the difference.  Brees reminds me so much of Joe Montana, both in his ability to “feel” a pass rush, and his poise on the field.  I knew Manning could get rattled, and he threw a Favre -like pass in the 4th, which Porter saw coming from the snap.  Manning is an outstanding QB, but I’ve said it before…he sometimes gets rocked a little and a savvy Defensive coach can make him over-think at the line.

Congratulations, New Orleans, you deserve it!

EDIT: I can’t forget (I already did though) to mention what a rockin half-time show that was.  Unbelievable production!  God I love the Who.


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There Are No Words

I’ve never felt so helpless as I did after reading this.  Sure, at first I was furious, then, I guess, despondent.  I’m completely unable to feel any connection to people who would do something like this.  I understand that there are sociopaths in the world, even to the point where I can at least acknowledge that they physically feel nothing when they commit these horrible crimes, and that at least helps me live with what they do.  But, the idea that this barbaric act was carried out after a “family counsel” meeting?  Are the men in this part of the world so threatened by the thought of not being able to control their women-folk that they would kill them at the first sign of trouble?  And in this fashion?


I got nuthin else right now.


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Totally Ripping Off Sully

But he’s right, this is a beautifully made ad:


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