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I Put On A Clinic

Took some newbies out to my favorite disc golf course, which is, of course, sanctioned by the DGA, or for the tragically unhip, The Disc Golf Association.  The sport is my life, and I was mindful to select the right group of beginners to introduce to this activity.  Many applied, few were chosen.  I chose Rock Solid, Travis Damn Quillen and Mr. John Lamb, ESQ.

A little about my equipment:  I usually carry a Ching 12 pack sports bag, insulated, of course, which also features a separate putterdisc slot, a tie ring for a towel, key compartment and optional hemostat holder.

Depending on the course, my overall soberness factor, wind speed and direction, I can be seen carrying discs like the DiscCraft Avenger series, or perhaps the Slick Willie Sick Disc, which allows you to look cool regardless of form, technique, or clothing choice.

I wear bowling shoes upon which i have grafted tiny little rubber ridges, and filled with grass fertilizer, which both repair and replenish the ground as I step.  Since I am always on the fairway, I have no need to carry a machete like Lamb did.

Sun rays can make or break your game, and glare is a constant threat.  I opt for the Ray Ban Disc Series IV, with titanium frames, spring release temples and lenses coated with extra UV protection.

I could tell my companions were a tad intimidated by the first leg of the course.  Danger lurks around every tree-filled corner, and it is uphill most of the way.  Eventually, we were able to coax lamb from the car with the promise that we would stop making fun of the diaper bag he brought to carry his discs, and we began the lesson.  I went first, so they could observe my flawless RHBH reverse three step X maneuver, and I was tickled to see the awe in their faces as my disc sailed effortlessly down the fairway before nestling into the soft grass approximately 360 feet from the tee box.

Those poor guys were all over the place.  We had to stop numerous times to find their discs, as they repeatedly tossed them into the thickest of weeds, or, even more unbelievable, stuck them in the branches of trees which line the fairway.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to scale a tree and shake loose someone’s disc.

We had more success on the back nine, especially once we convinced Lamb to stop throwing his pork rind wrappers and empty Red Bull cans all over the course.  Travis Damn Quillen, who stands around 6 ft 8in tall, but is so uncoordinated I’m truly surprised he has mastered walking, actually learned to throw his disc without injuring himself.

All in all, a good day, and I won’t embarrass anyone by posting the actual score. Suffice to say there is some newly found respect for my athletic ability, though I thought the whole “holding the car door open for Mack” scramble was a bit much.  Sigh.  Fans are fans everywhere, I suppose.

I’d post a bit more, but I need to go sand my discs.  More soon!


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Ready For The Townhall?

I am.


H/T:  Jordan Gregory


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A Mother’s Journey

This only takes a minute to see. Heartbreaking, and yet, beautiful at the same time.

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Ever Vigilant

My daughter has a Social Studies teacher that insists on passing off his opinion (taken straight from  Rush’s formerly nicotine-stained fingers) as fact.  He has a daughter named Reagan, if that helps you determine where this guy’s ideology lies.  He has used the classroom to teach that abortion is murder, that Nancy Pelosi is forming death panels, and that undocumented people (illegals!) are to blame our current health care crisis.  Heres a email I fired off, but I am scheduling a meeting with him as well:

It has come to my attention that you use your classroom to extol the virtues of Conservative thought.  It should not be my responsibility to remind you that you are there to teach, not preach.  It is your right to have an opinion, but it is my right to have my daughter receive an education free from political propaganda.  You may not be aware that Alena’s grandparents were undocumented when they arrived in this country.  Your inference that illegal immigrants are to blame for this country’s health care crisis upset her, and I am putting you on notice that if it happens again, I will contact our family’s attorney.  I am sure the Robertson County School District has plenty of excess funds with which to fight off a lawsuit, especially one where precedent is clearly set.

If you like, I am happy to debate the immigration issue with you as an exercise for the class.  Or, if you prefer, we can discuss the merits of any of the proposed health care legislation currently being considered in Congress.  I am quite sure you have read each bill in it’s entirety, so you should be comfortable defending some of the positions you have passed off as fact in your classroom.

This is really very simple, Sir.  Were the shoe on the other foot, and I had your children in my classroom, and attempted to indoctrinate my charges into the Godless, heathen, liberal agenda, I believe you would be as concerned as I.  Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Update: The Missus (whose daughter also attends his class, but at a different hour) accompanied me to the meeting.  The teacher brought along his assistant, to help clarify what was said that morning.  The school principal monitored the meeting as well.  The teacher wasn’t combative, and started off by apologizing if he hurt my daughter’s feelings.  I told him it wasn’t necessary, as I didn’t feel it was intentional.  He listened while I ran through my complaints, and afterward, promised to be more mindful of how he presents controversial current events in class.

Though he explained that he “always” tells his class that his take is only an opinion, I did inform him that his position made that opinion more weighty…13 yr olds won’t usually understand the disclaimer.  He agreed, so there wasn’t much point in going on.

In my opinion, the small things that seem insignificant can be the most important.  For instance, we do not use the word “illegals” in our home, as it is a word that diminishes people without documents to a status of “less than.”  Hearing it in a classroom gives the term some credibility, legitimizes it if you will.  This teacher tends to frame things almost exactly like radio talk show hosts do, and I happen to think that it appeals to the lowest common denominator.  It is unacceptable in a public classroom.  We will take him at his word for the time being, but remain ever vigilant.


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Make It Stop

Decided, against my better judgment, to tune into CNN this morning to catch up on the news.  I long ago abandoned the Unrequited Love Between Joe And Mika Show, for all the obvious reasons, but once in a while I like to get some news without pointing and clicking and, well, sitting.  Sometimes, I need to be mobile.  Radio isn’t an option, obviously.  So, I turned on the set and decided to try CNN for a bit.  The first ten minutes was devoted to an interview with Sen Conrad, who was pushing the idea of Co-OPs for health-care insurance.  OK, I’m no fan, but he is someone who will get to vote on some bill, whenever it gets to the floor.

It was all downhill from there.

The next segment had to do with, I swear to my personal God, Tom Delay’s Dancing With The Stars.  Not satisfied with just reporting on his participation, CNN decided to do an entire segment on past politicians and cabinet members who may have…..wait for it… danced at one time or another.  They showed Madeline Albright wriggling along with some schoolgirls somewhere.  They ran that horrible piece of video that shows Karl Rove “rapping” and “dancing”.  George Bush made the segment, as did Michelle Obama.  Still, the bit needed more…

Cut to a group of young people staring at a monitor and “rating” each of these performances.  I kid you not.  Quite a bit of production work went into this.  Fighting back nausea, I reached a shaky hand out, grasped the remote, and punched in the numbers for MSNBC.  I’ll give you one guess what they were reporting on….

I’m going to see if my I can make a sling for my laptop, or some kind of tool-belt style rig so it frees up my hands a little.

Television news is a wasteland.


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A Word About Our Garden

We have the usual stuff…tomatoes (lots of them) cucumbers (which, if you do everything wrong, will grow like mad)peppers, cantaloupe, carrots, black beans, and snap beans.  We spend a great deal of time picking the tomatoes before they fall off or rot.  The Primary Wife then cooks them down into a delicious marinara type sauce that we eat off of all Winter.  We also have thousands of 5 inch carrots. (we didn’t space them far enough apart.)  Some of those goes in the sauce, for natural sugar, but our tomatoes are low acidic in the first place.

All in all, a good crop.


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What Fear Has Wrought

“A fanatic is a man who consciously over compensates a secret doubt.”

Aldous Huxley

Steven Weber is the best contributor to the Huffington Post, bar none.  Here’s a link, and a couple of snnnnnnnnipets:

“If these angry town hall disruptor/birther/swift boaters ever left the sanctity of their plasma screen TV’s blaring Fox’s vomitous vituperations, and dared venture across the pirate filled oceans or flew in certain-to-crash-or-be-highjacked planes to those lesser, cowardly, backward countries in Europe, Asia or Africa, maybe—just maybe—they would be beyond the range of the persistent signals sent to their pummeled brains and they would begin to experience true independent thought.”


“The insurgency of angry anti-government groups is misplaced patriotism on steroids, and with all the attendant side effects. This is mass ‘roid rage, ugly and insane.”

and lastly,

“And almost as pitiful as the mad men who accept their masters’ commands are the masters themselves, who promise fictional fruits from an unrestrained free market fantasy. Imagine if their unquenchable greed were unquenchable mercy? Their unlimited avarice unlimited charity? Their runaway cynicism runaway hope? What world would we have then, what unimaginable profits would be reaped? More than any the shriveled souls who preach such dangerous division could ever imagine.”

I tossed up the Huxley quote because, well, I’m currently reading him, and I could get my head around how applicable it was to Weber’s post.  What I really wanted to do, but lack the time(and the writing skill, possibly) was to  tie in 2 Corinthians 7:11



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Most Craven Politician Alive Today

Sometimes, I get ready to vent my anger and frustration at those that purposely appeal to the worst in people, and then I read Beale, who says it far better than I ever could.

I just want to add this to what she says:  Palin, you are a heartless, soul-less, conniving bitch.  Using your baby as a prop to score cheap points may be your personal low, but I kinda doubt it.  Come and ask The Primary Wife what it is like to have to fight an insurance company while caring for a terminally ill husband at the ripe old age of 29.  She was so mad when she read your stupid comments I thought for a minute she would hop on a plane, locate you, and kick your sorry butt.  I’m not sure I would have stopped her.


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There Goes My Presidential Bid


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There Is Only One Way To Deal With A Bully

Glad to see that there is a little fight left in progressive politics.  It really chaps me when Liberals and Democrats slink away when confronted by unruly, disruptive bullies.  Sometimes, you just have to go toe to toe.  My experience has been that more often than not, calling a bully’s bluff will result in him/her retreating, and damn fast.  These people aren’t driven by real conviction.  They aren’t ‘freedom fighters.”  They are, typically, angry, marginalized people looking to direct their fury at something they perceive as weaker than them.

Still, the suggestions offered in the article, while civilized and gentlemanly, probably won’t deter future groups.  Much as I hate to say it, I think its time for some young Dems to step up and get in some people’s faces.  Yes, there will probably be fights.  A fistfight isn’t the end of the world.  Never throw the first punch.  Throw the second, and subsequent punches with the idea to end it as quickly as possible.  Most fights usually end up being pointless wrestling matches anyway.  Fights don’t look in real life like they do in the movies.

I’m not advocating violence.   I really think that unless they have an overwhelming advantage numbers-wise, most of these people will avoid a fight at all costs.  So, for Progressives,  there is truly safety in numbers.  Organize.  Anticipate.  Mobilize.  And for God’s sake,  don’t wear a tie.  Let a few of these “organic” uprisings end in a melee, and pretty soon, it will be a lot less fun to go shout down your political opponents.  Bottom line:  Bullies are cowards.

Now, go to work.


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