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Kill Your TV!

A little over a year ago, we got rid of the Dish.  At the time, I was merely trying to save a little money.  Wait, check that, A-LOT of money.  We haven’t missed watching TV.  Football season poses a set of challenges for me, but free over the air TV and good friends gets me through it.  Anyway, last night, after watching the Titans lose, I got busy doing stuff on my laptop, and left the TV on.  Yikes.  I’m not sure what program followed the game, in part because I was preoccupied, but mostly because it seemed like a couple of hours of campaign ads.  Ridiculous, over the top, dishonest, moronic campaign ads.  (Jim Cooper’s was cute, but in a way that gets irritating after the first 200 viewings)

I climbed into bed and a promo came on telling me to stay tuned for CSI Miami.  I thought it might be fun to watch a little of it before turning out the light, so I fluffed my pillow, grabbed the remote, and turned the volume to where I could hear it.  WHAT A TRAIN WRECK.  Stupidest plot ever, which made the overwrought acting really stand out.  In between scenes, I was treated to more of the same political ads.

People still pay for this?


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