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This Is Leadership

Read This.    Agree or disagree, tell your constituents why you vote the way you do.


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A Banana Republic With Nukes

I want to state clearly that this financial crisis is way too big to even begin to fix blame, and may indeed be too big too fix, period.  That said, there is a desperate, totally ludicrous meme out there, regurgitated by the Usual Suspects, that somehow this was Nancy Pelosi’s fault.  When these people fling that out there, they always neglect to mention a few things:

1.  It was a Republican Bill, requested by a Republican President.

2.  The Democrats agreed to provide 110 votes, they delivered 140.

3.  The Republicans agreed to deliver 100 votes, and told the Speaker that though they couldn’t produce the 100, they thought they could do 70-80.

4.  The Republicans delivered around 40.

5.  Pelosi delivered a ill-timed, out of place, ok, stupid rant, but it had no effect on the outcome.

Now, I’m aware that this vote was considered by many to be a “legacy” vote, and widely viewed as the most important vote in a career.  I’m also aware that many in the House had their phone lines burned up by irate callers, threatening them with defeat in the next election if they voted yes.  For that, I place the blame many places, starting with Bush and Paulsen, who, in an unbelievable show of hubris, offered up a plan to raid the Treasury and not be held accountable for it.  In addition, they did a horrible job of selling it to the American public, who, by the way, I blame for being, on the whole, pretty damn financially illiterate.  I blame the craven talk radio jocks, for whipping their sycophants into a frenzy, and I blame both Parties for hatching plans that were too clever by half.

I could go on all day assigning blame, (heck, I haven’t even begun to address the media) but I will offer up one reason why so many Americans out there don’t realize what we are facing…  You know what I got in the mail yesterday?  An offer from my credit card company, for a $50,000 unsecured personal loan.  Did you catch that?  Unsecured.  That amount of money would require me to make the equivalent of another mortgage payment to repay them.  That offer came as a result of our credit rating, and we would never think of taking them up on it, but many Americans, faced with hardship, or even inconvenience would jump all over it.

I also watched quite a bit of TV yesterday, and i can’t tell you how many DiTech ads i saw.  Refinance.  Consolidate.  Lower your payments. Is it any wonder the average person thinks everything is peachy keen?

This bill may pass later in the week, probably with bankruptcy provisions that will bring the Democratic Black Caucus on board, but the Democrats had better get out in front of this thing right now.  Never, ever use the word bailout again.  Hire Frank Luntz, find some Orwellian terms to employ to protect vulnerable Congressional seats.  Provide cover for Obama.

Or not.  I’m locked and loaded.


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R.I.P. Gary (2003-2008)

We lost one of our cats today.  This morning, we discovered Gary was drooling and gasping for breath.  The Vet told us he had a very large tumor in his mouth that obstructed his airways, and that surgery might work for a while, but it

looked like an agressive form of cancer and he would probably not make it for more than a month anyway.  So, we picked up the kids at school, and as a family, said goodbye to one of the best cats ever.

He never once, in his whole life, raised a claw in anger.  Even when the kids were small and would hold him upside down, he just relaxed and went with it.  He was the best mouser I have ever seen.  One of the funniest memories I’ll have of him is him falling asleep under the bird feeder, and the birds standing on and around him and picking up loose seeds.  When he slept, he slept hard. He also would walk to the barn with me and hang out like a dog would, only quieter.

I’ll miss you, buddy, you were an easy going guy, and I’m happy you spent those years here with us.  Sleep well, Gary.


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Makes The Vandy Win That Much Sweeter

Because he was curious.

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Comment Of The Day

And its only 9:30 a.m.  From a commenter at HuffPo:

“Palin Repairs 18 MIllion Cracks in Glass Ceiling”

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Rock Solid Weighs In

During our weekly Bible-study, The Missus, Rock-Solid, and myself veered away from Scripture briefly to discuss the issues facing us, as Americans.  The conversation eventually turned to the whole Letterman/Mccain fiasco, and Rock Solid looked up, stopped polishing his flag-shaped lapel pin, and said, “Why didn;t McCain just tell Letterman that, while facing the gravest economic threat ever, it might not be a good idea for him to appear on a comedy show.”  Just tell Dave the truth.

Cue the angelic music, part the clouds.  Bingo.

Apparently, the Straight-Talk Express has derailed, crashed, and burned.  You heard it here first.

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Buy-In or Work-out?

Boy, did Boehner look tired.  I was pretty sleepy when he started talking, but did he actually say we have to start calling this a “work-out”?  He actually said, in his sleep deprived state, “this is the message that we must get out there.”  I actually think he forgot he was in front of the cameras.  I’m no fan of Boehner, but Pelosi’s remarks were just as bad.  A Buy-In? Oh!  The conceptual metaphor!

Lakoff must be laughing his ass off.

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Hat Tip To Gingersnaps & Jennifer (Appalachian Greens)


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I just watched this kid named Adam Putnam speak on Hardball.  He seems pretty sharp.  He has an R after his name.  Anyone know more about him?


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Psssssst. Hey, Wake Up

Please please someone ask Hobbs or Gill or ANYONE supporting this woman’s selection as VP candidate how they can still think shes qualified.  Good Lord, people, Couric LOBBED the ball in slow motion, and Palin blew it.  C’mon, guys, seriously, what gives?

EDITED TO ADD:  Over at Ezra’s house, i saw the following comment regarding this interview and Sarah Palin:

It turns out that it’s a lot easier to be a superstar in local politics in a small state. Easier if you build up undeserved cred for integrity by bashing the non-moving targets in your own party, and easier still if you’re promoted from within so quickly that no one has time to seriously assess your performance.

Palin would have done a slow fade over a few years in Alaska had she had a chance (and she probably will yet). Were it not for the desperation of the McCain campaign and her suitability in two key areas that needed to be addressed, the national party would have watched, waited, and eventually concluded that she’s not really cut out for a high national profile.

But there was no time for all that, and so they had to discover along with the rest of us that she’s not even moderately conversant on the important topics of the day–and worse, that her political skills aren’t as formidable as they appeared on a smaller stage with weaker opponents. She’s no more prepared for the stress of campaigning than she is for the job itself, and it’s making her answers even more vacuous and confused than they might have been. It’s no wonder they’re terrified of letting her speak.


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