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Conservatives + Rap = FAIL

I found myself hoping, nay, praying, that this was parody.  Nope.  Teh stupid, it burns.


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My Morning View


The boys are playing.  The Primary Wife snapped this at just the right moment.


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FGF- Can’t Get Enough Of This Kid

California Dreamin.  One of my all-time favorites:

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Read This While I look For A Silk Screener

“Three wolves moon.”  Dumbest name ever for a shirt, right?  Never sell.  Then, some folks parodied the shirt in Amazon reviews….and, well, go see for yourself.  Unbelievable.  Heres one of my favorites:

As many know from Entertainment Tonight and various court pleadings, I am a big Roseanne Barr fan. The judge and her attorney call it “stalking,” but we all know how the haters try to kill true love.

For years Roseanne has somehow managed to resist those overtures of love, but once the Three Wolves & Moon got involved…

That’s right… resistance and restraining orders fell by the wayside.

She even returned the favor with this interesting strap-on thingy.

Luckily, thanks to the power of this wonderful clothing experience, I’m walking regularly again and taking my new lady to the monster truck rally tonight.

Thanks Three Wolves & Moon!


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Obama’s Pick Not NEAR Left Enough For Me

I read this, threw up, and starting looking at property in Vancouver.  If you value your safety, Wingnuts, don’t bring me any bullshit about Sotomayor’s intellect.  Good Lord.  We are going to need a real radical to provide some balance to our highest court.


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Aung San Suu Kyi

Take a minute and send your 64 words of support.

UPDATED: I hope he doesn’t mind, but I wanted to share what Jim V. wrote to Dr. Suu Kyi:

“I think all of us aspire to make a difference with our lives. Most of us only create small ripples in a very large pond. Aung San Suu Kyi, you are not like me, for your ripples wash away at the very foundation of the military regime in Burma, bringing wave after wave of democracy to beat against the repression. You humble us all.”


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Talks Resume With Management

Its contract negotiation time for me.  My gig here at The Chronicles ain’t bad, really, I have a great deal of flexibility with my hours and pay, ample vacation and sick leave, and the editorial staff gives me all the leeway I want.  The issue, then?  The scope of my duties.  I want them streamlined, so I can focus on just one or two issues to cover.  Management insists that I continue to stay informed and indeed opine on all matters, regardless of how trivial or boring.  My guess is that we will meet somewhere in the middle…

Fortunately, my work “slow down” that prompted these talks has let me coast through a pretty bad case of writer’s block.  Oh, I have plenty to say, right up to the point I place my hands on the keyboard….then, nuthin.

I’m bothered by seeing so many of my friends struggling.  I have good friends in real trouble.  I feel powerless to help, and that makes me depressed and angry.  I guess I like to fix stuff, and none of this seems fixable.  When this happens, I get reclusive, or I clam up for fear I may say the wrong things.

Empathy is overrated.

Back soon.


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