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Roughing It

A gust of wind no stronger than a mouse fart managed to snap our power and phone lines this week.  The electric company was out in 30 minutes, we were hot in 90.  Great job.  The phone company needs three days, minimum.  ATT, you suck.  I’m out of touch for a bit, y’all.  back soon.


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Stepping Up

I’m incredibly busy these days, who knew it would be so hard to spend 100k of someone else’s money?  I swear, its work.  More on that later.  I did, however, find the time to read this thoughtful and indeed necessary article.  I hope theres some follow-up.  Two spot on passages:

So, why are Christians so willing to believe unsubstantiated rumors? And more troubling, why are Christians, who should hold the highest standards of truth-telling, so eager to spread such rumors — and even downright libels?

“In general, we need to help Christians act like Christians in public life and not just in private life, and not to get sucked into the polarization, partisan idolatry and demonization so common now in media and government,”



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Prince Of Profit?


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Made Me Laugh

Supermousey just came downstairs crying about “clearance puppy.”  Anybody know what thats about?


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A Giant Leap Backwards

There was a movement 30 years ago within the law enforcement community to have police officers adhere to certain  standards and move toward becoming “professionals.”  For some Departments, that meant the minimum amount of education went from a High School diploma to a 2 yr associates degree.  It meant continued education after employment for others.  I remember thinking back then that the biggest obstacle to reaching professional status was the inability for police departments to police their own, particularly within the rank and file.  The bunker mentality is indeed pervasive, and dangerous.

I’m going to be watching how this gets handled:

There isn’t any mitigating evidence to be had.  Nothing sketchy about the facts.  Its indefensible. It is a stunning act of abuse by someone entrusted with authority over our younger citizens.  Incidents like this one are happening everywhere.  I read this on a thread and i think it identifies the core problem:

As long as the police foster a culture of isolation among themselves (socially and professionally), exertion of dominance and power against virtually everyone with whom they have contact, and live a culture of violence and dishonesty within themselves, this sort of thing will continue. We have to face the fact that there is far too often little difference between those in charge of law enforcement and those whom they claim are the criminals. The line that divides them is thin and tenuous. The police have a basic cultural ethic that says the law doesn’t apply to them; only to everyone else. Even the basically honest cop or deputy DA’s eventually becomes corrupted by the “cop culture.” They are as dangerous as the people they are supposed to protect us from.”

If you don’t think this has any merit, go and find yourself some trade mags for the law enforcement industry.  Scary as hell.

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Paid To Incite?

Damn.  It seems Mr. Kleinheider over at Post Politics has created quite the dust-up with this post. For me, there is a more troubling aspect to this than the argument over whether it was “insensitive”, overtly racist, or perfectly within bounds.  Anyone who reads his blog on a regular basis knows darn well that Adam loves him some snarky headlines.  He often editorializes with them, and, occasionally, he’ll strike comedy gold.  OK, not really, but I’ve seen some clever ones.

All too often I’ve come away from his place, (and, unfortunately, from Pith as well) with a bad taste in my mouth.  I really despise cruelty, and there is so much of it on blogs these days I’m convinced that it confirms what many already think about people who blog.  I, for one, would love to know what Adam’s job description is over at Post Politics.  Or, for that matter, Brantley Hargrove over at Pith.  Two local people who have paid blogging gigs, and it seems to me that the emphasis is traffic for traffic’s sake.  Is that it?  “Just drive people here, anyway you can.”

Almost everyone who comments regularly, (and some who do not) chimed in today to ask or demand that Adam change the headline on that post.  Now, one commenter suggested that doing so is really not in the best interests of the digital media, and that makes some sense to me, but, couldn’t he simply update the post and apologize for his insensitivity at least?  I’d gain a lot of respect for him were he to do so.  I can’t speak for the others that were offended, but it seems to me that saying “I’m sorry” would soothe much of the anger over this.

Can’t ya do that, ACK?

UPDATE:  Kleinheider issues a statement that looks like an apology, I suppose.


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