Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

I will choose to not give out details just yet, but I finally broke the inertia and put my long game plan into motion.  Literally.  There are a lot of moving parts to this plan, each is somewhat independent of the others.  I’ve taken quite an interest in spiritual matters of late, and since I have the time to do it, I believe I will seek out those willing to engage in conversation so that I may learn, or teach.

I am currently reading Neale Donald Walschs’ “Conversation With Humanity” which helped put the last piece in place, and prompted me to begin.

More later.


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5 responses to “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

  1. oh god… you’re not going to open a megachurch, are you?!

  2. mack5151

    Spoiler alert!

  3. democommie

    Per Ms. Amber’s question.
    A.) Boy, I sure hope not.
    B.) If that’s what’s going to happen, I want to be involved in the diversion of allathem good,Godfearin’ maroons’ dollaz to less than lofty purposes.

    Since I’m an atheist, I’m not sure that I believe in spirituality anymore. But I certainly believe that only good can come of people seeking a genuine understanding of what it is that makes us better AND having the stomach for the hard work it entails.

    Cheers, Mack.

  4. Dear Mr. Mack:

    Time for another post.

  5. Democommie

    Well, ok, NOW it is time for another post.

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