Quick Hits, October Surprise Edition

Chiming in on the events of the day…

The Donald:  This is what happens to you when you must buy the attention of “C” list celebrities.  Seriously, dude, most of the world finds you annoying.

Ann Coulter:  I’m not much into name calling, but “horse-faced harpy” comes to mind.

Ohio:  We need ya!  Glad to know the Blue team has a crackerjack ground game there.

Nevada:  See Ohio

This Beautiful Fall Weather:  Stick around a while, please.  You’re special, and I mean that.

Colin Powell:  Welcome to the Party, late as it is.

Richard Mourdock:  If you experience pain and humiliation at the ballot box, rest assured it was God’s will.

Torn Hamstring:  I haz it.

Music City Disc Golf:  Maybe tournaments aren’t the way to go….Let’s discuss fund raising for the Cedar Hill Project.


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3 responses to “Quick Hits, October Surprise Edition

  1. democommie

    I would love to see Warren Buffett make one ad. Just a tight shot of his face, looking into the camera and saying, “Donald, take it from a guy who made more money last year than you’ve made in your entire sad life; you need to shut the fuck up.”.

    It appears that Missy Bachmann is actually being challenged for her congressional seat. Stranger things than a crazy lady getting trounced have happened.

    Sorry to hear about your hamstring. My legs (pl) have been bothering me for several weeks.

  2. Thanks for the list, which made me smile, except for the hamstring injury. With one bad knee, I feel ya.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kent!

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