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Who Are The Whores Now?

I couldn’t escape it.  On the phone with Gingersnaps, on HBO, and again in various “news” sites throughout the web.  Someone please tell me what the fascination is with (ex) Pastor Haggard?  Yes yes, he is a hypocrite.  Yawn.  Glass houses and all that.  The guy has paid dearly.  What, exactly, is served by having another tryst revealed?  The man is troubled, but he has been banned from his home state (how do you do that?) and is moving from safe-house to safe-house with his wife (the real hero of this story) and kids.

I find it all so very sad, for him, for his family, for us.


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FGF- The Evolution Of Dance

A decade ago, I owned a club that featured comics as well as live music.  I developed alot of respect for comics, even though I didn’t get to know any that weren’t bat-shit crazy.  I like this bit.  Heartbreak, if you see this, doesn’t this guy remind you of Mike?   BTW, theres a brief moment for Ginger at around 34 seconds…


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A Place To Marry My Inflatable Girlfriend


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I DRMed This Post

I have a DVR.  It allows me to record a program I don’t have time to watch and it can pause a program for up to an hour, if I’m called away from the television. So far, so good.  Its convenient as hell, but I, like countless others, quickly discovered the biggest advantage of all:  No commercials.  During the NFL season, I’d record the game, go about my life, and then later, watch a three hour game in roughly 45 minutes, by simply “fast forwarding” what I recorded.  Part of me struggles with this, as I wonder how ethical it is for me to enjoy provided content without allowing those that provided it a chance to earn my business.

I do the same thing with other favorite shows.  I realize that if everyone did this, no company could afford to offer programming.  So, I’m wondering…what can be done?  I like the HULU model.  I watch some favorite shows and I can easily stomach the four or five 15 second commercials breaks.  It may be the best compromise.  It will no doubt change how commercials are done.  Product hawking will have to adapt, and I’ve noticed that a few companies are producing fast-paced, edgy commercials designed to fit the 15 second mold.

I’ve long felt that advertizing companies make too much money.  I feel that commercials have gone from “buy our product” spots to “buy our brand” and finally, to self-congratulatory mini theatre.  But thats not the point of my post.  I am wondering if we are going to see less commercials, less original content, and, eventually, a complete re-structuring of television?  I know i won’t watch 10-12 thirty second spots for a half-hour’s entertainment.  I’m willing to compromise, though.

I’m having fun learning about P2P stuff, and bit torrents, and other means of sharing content.  I’m reading all perspectives about it, though, as I haven’t determined what is ethical and what isn’t.  I know I won’t support sites that send someone into a theatre to video-tape a first run movie.  That seems like blatant theft.  But, what is a good rule of thumb regarding music?  If I buy an album, is it okay to put it on cassette and then share it with friends? If I upload it to the web, and say, you are welcome to this, is that not my right?

I guess I’m going to just set an arbitrary amount that I’m willing to pay.  I’m not paying 18 bucks for an album.  I’m not paying 99 cents a song either.  I have, in the past, used a overseas source and paid 15 cents a song, 1.99 an album.  Okay, thats great, but it doesn’t really help here at home.  I’m willing to pay 30 cents a song, and I’m willing to pay a 10 cent tax to do so.  I could be moved to 40 or even 50 cents if someone makes the case.

Starving artist arguments aren’t going to move me one bit.  Is it accurate to say that 99% of musicians toil away in anonymity and relative poverty even without piracy?  The fraction of those that “make it” aren’t always the best or most original.  Should someone that wrote a single hit in their lifetime expect to get rich and stay rich?  The business model is changing, of course, and with it, expectations will have to be whittled down for all concerned, from the label, to the distributor, (they are probably dinosaurs anyway) to the artist themselves.

Like it or not, the internet is going to impact the entertainment industry for the foreseeable future.  Some of us are willing to pay, but we may very well exercise other options once we feel abused.

I have no idea what is fair, or ethical.  I’m willing to listen to arguments.


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Cat Rescue: FAIL

Standing in my living room, talking on the phone, with the TV on, I thought I heard mewwwing noises.  I hung up, turned off the TV, and called the family in to listen quietly….meeeew.  meeeew.  Unmistakable.  There are kittens somewhere under the house.  We bundled up, and sent Nog (he is the smallest) under the house with a beam and our best wishes.  Nuthin.  I went in, couldn’t even see a way for a feral cat to have gotten under our house.  Now, the surface under our place is what i envision the surface of the moon to be, rocky, muddy, and partially covered by a plastic vapor barrier.  (I say partially, because, over the years, it has been wadded up in places to look for standing water)

No baby cats.  And not a peep since then.  Its been an hour.  Is it possible for an entire family to collectively go nuts?


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Only In America…

I heard this morning that U.S. Airways is offering those passengers aboard flight 1549 a check for 5000 bucks, “for their trouble”.  I’m sure that the check comes with some sort of legalese that renders the recipient unable to sue for more money, and I understand why the airline is doing it.

Apparently, a salesman from Charlotte feels that his emotional suffering is worth more.  In addition, he, (and a few others) claim that they lost more than $5000 worth of checked or carry-on baggage.

The National Air Disaster Alliance & Foundation, a safety advocacy group, says $5,000 is not enough.

“We’re grateful everyone survived, and the captain on the plane was so marvelous,” says Gail Dunham, the group’s executive director. “But passengers lost luggage, briefcases, cellphones, BlackBerrys and business documents, and went through a terrific ordeal.”

Sorry, I gotta call bullshit.  Five grand buys you one hell of a lap-top, a designer suit or two, a state-of-the-art cell phone, and some bang-up luggage in which to carry it all.  If anyone aboard that flight has stuff with them totalling more than $5000, they wouldn’t be living in Charlotte.  I’ve been there.  Seriously, though, put me on the jury in that civil case.  Unless there is some negligence that can be pinned on the airline, chances are good that I’d award $5000 to the pilot.  And the co-pilot.  And each of the in-flight personnel.  Every one of them acted professionally, and, as a result, 155 people are home with their families instead of decomposing on the bottom of a frozen river.  (though, I guess technically, that process wouldn’t begin until spring thaws)

Some passengers are claiming they need to “be made whole”.  How about the fact that you are in fact in one piece?  Thats about as whole as you can expect when crash landing a commercial jet onto a river.  Who, exactly, was negligent?  The geese are judgement proof.  The airline hired and trained professional to act in the best interests of their passengers.  Which they did, in spades.

US Airways, rescind the offer from anyone who balks.  Seriously, I love your chances in front of a jury.


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A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer, “This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you.”

The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, “Which do you want, son?”

The boy takes the quarters and leaves.

“What did I tell you?” said the barber. “That kid never learns!” Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store.

“Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?”

The boy licked his cone and replied, “Because the day I take the dollar, the game is over!”

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We Won…Now, Act Like It

Southern Beale beat me to it, but all I could think of after reading this was AWHELLNO!

Yet another example of Republicans having no long-term investment vision, and yet another example of why Democrats are viewed as spineless appeasers.  Fund this, and don’t look back.  If some Republican shows up on TV crying about it, send one Democrat to explain why this is a good thing, and a right and just thing.

Fight, goddamit.


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Pachelbel, Go To Hell

I’m not even a musician, and this makes me laugh out loud.

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Sorry, Rock Solid, You’ll Just Have To Wait



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