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I’m Taking Them Public


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Paging Lucy Parsons

I’m at a total loss as to why this idea hasn’t been embraced everywhere.  Besides the obvious benefits for working families, the environment, and  especially workers themselves, I’m wondering if travel and leisure companies wouldn’t see a significant uptick, given that every weekend would be 3 days long, and allow people to take longer trips together.  Sure, the school year might prevent such travel, but there are plenty of scheduled breaks there as well.

I’m also struck by the notion that workers must stayed moored to the 40 hr week.  Why not 36?  32?  I mean, most of us don’t perform jobs that, if left undone, would dramatically alter someones life, right?  We manage to take two days off a week, why is three impossible?

Maybe, we stagger the day attached to the weekend.  Certain services would remain open on Fridays, like, say, the DMV, so people could take care of important errands on one day off.  Give those workers Monday off.  Or, stick a day off in the middle of the week.  We manage to do this for religious reasons…I remember when I first moved to the South, I was floored that my bank was closed on Wednesday afternoons.  I was informed that this was because most churches offered a Wednesday service.  Fine.  It took me some time to acclimate, but, eventually, I learned to do my banking on the other 4 days available to me.

The Adamson Act is almost 100 yrs old.  It was considered radical at the time.  It was also the first time the Federal Govt mandated what a private company could demand of it’s employees, and, it Act was considered Constitutional by the Supreme Court.   So, there is precedent.  I’m not necessarily advocating for a Govt mandated change in the legal workweek, but there seems to be ample evidence that it is beneficial to almost everyone.  The Ford Motor Company realized that a happy workforce was a more productive workforce almost a century ago, has that lesson been lost?

We are not a Nation that depends on manufacturing anymore.  I really don’t see a downside.  Am I missing something?


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Has To Be Said

Not so long ago, I opined on the behavior of a certain young speechwriter who works for Obama.  It cost me dearly.  People I had known for quite some time felt completely comfortable calling me a misogynist, among other things.  I do not intend to rehash that whole ridiculous argument, but once again, I feel compelled to ask this question to the various online and print pundits breathlessly uncovering every sordid detail of the relationship between Sen Paul Stanley and  Mckensie Morrison:

Why is any of this our business?  Affairs are quite common.  I’ll admit, affairs that result in clumsy blackmail schemes are not that common, but I have seen precious little info reported about  that actual criminal activity.

I was heartsick by way the Steve McNair murder was rationalized by some, because he was “stepping out.”  Or, because he had taken advantage of an otherwise wholesome young woman.  It was murder, for crying out loud.  There is never an excuse for murder.

I do not respect Stanley’s politics.  I think he has shown he is willing to vilify certain fellow Americans for political gain.  I think, legislatively speaking, he is a coward and a bully.  It turns out, he is an adulterer.  I could care less.  The man could sleep with every woman in Nashville (and even every man, as long as it excludes me) and I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, provided he didn’t actively use his position to coerce someone into sleeping with him.  Did he?  I don’t know.  Neither does anyone else, save for him, Ms. Morrison, and possibly the TBI.  Yet, I keep seeing articles and opinions calling for this man’s resignation, when there isn’t yet evidence of a crime.  As a Democrat, I want to see this guy gone, and fast.  As a human being, I find no joy in his failings as a husband.  I posted this comment in a thread over at Post Politics:

Not every interaction between older, powerful man, and younger, “powerless” woman, is a result of predatory behavior by one person or the other. None of us knows the basis for this relationship. I, for one, am uncomfortable with the speculation for sport aspect of the coverage, and of the endless, ill-informed opinions on the matter.

Sometimes, men react irresponsibly when dealing with attractive women. Maybe, in their whole life, they never dealt with the attention of a fawning, beautiful young woman. Some handle it badly. But it isn’t always predatory.

I find Stanley sleazy for other reasons. But,if it turns out this man pursued this woman and in any way used his position to further that goal…he needs to go.

If this was instigated by her, for love or money, I don’t think he has to resign over it. He will have to deal with the repercussions from family. It is a private matter, best handled without the sensationalism from a lazy, voyeuristic press.

The truth is, there are women predators out there too.  I’m not willing to hang that label on Ms. Morrison, because I see no evidence that she had something in mind other than a covert sexual relationship.  Fairness demands that I extend the same courtesy to Mr. Stanley, does it not?  The thing is, I just don’t find the subject matter all that fascinating.  I think too many people are using this, and countless other “scandals”, to point at and judge others, and I find it all so Springer-like.



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Downright Apocalyptic For America Indeed

I finally side with the majority in a poll!  Seems Jon Stewart is widely regarded as the most trusted news anchor in America.  Of the people nominated, I agree, wholeheartedly.  There are a few others I feel are better journalists, but Stewart is not beholden to a particular interest group, like, say, a defense contractor, or a megalomaniacal capitalist freak.  Bravo, America.

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Memo To Nashville: How To Tell Jon Meacham And John Lamb Apart

Position:  Editor                                                                         Position: Editor

Born in Tenn                                                                               Born in Tenn

Faith:  Christian                                                                         Faith:  Christian

Married, two kids                                                                      Married, two kids

OK, never mind, you can’t tell them apart.

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Good Riddance To Bad Shoes

I hated Crocs.  It was okay, I guess, for little kids to wear them.  I wouldn’t recommend them for growing feet, but I understand the appeal of the brightly colored Crocs for children.  Even the less gaudy colors were, though, made of plastic, and while I’ll admit to being a bit of a shoe snob…plastic shoes have no place in a man’s closet.  I used to work with a very accomplished guy, who insisted on wearing them to business meetings.  I just couldn’t handle it.

They always looked like something you’d get in a Happy Meal.  A big part of your overall health can be traced back to your footwear, believe it or not.  I never trusted these trashy shoes.  I won’t miss them a bit.


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Just Do It *

I am absolutely done reading another article, post, or subsequent comment on the issue of guns in bars, parks, restaurants, dry-cleaners, etc.

The issue has nothing to do with gun rights, or safety.  There hasn’t been anything new written about it in years.  Not a single fresh perspective.

If, by some miracle, the whole bill is struck down, and the State does not allow concealed weapons in these places, or, cities or counties or individual merchants opt out en masse, I have a solution for those of you truly concerned for your family’s safety:  DO IT ANYWAY.

I have a Walther PPK.  It is a nice gun.  Small enough to tuck in my pocket, but fires a slug that should stop anyone not under the influence of PCP.  If I am going somewhere I feel remotely threatened, I carry it.  I don’t tell the  Concierge at the hotel I’m staying in, nor do I feel compelled to slip my waitress a note informing her I’m packing heat.  I don’t brandish it, I don’t talk about it, it is just there, like my cell phone or car keys.

You know what?  If I feel the need to draw it and fire, I’ll take my chances with a jury.  I seriously don’t foresee an scenario wherein I am busted for carrying it, except in a life threatening situation.  I’ve never been frisked in a restaurant, or a park.  When I used to commute regularly, I kept it in the car.  I still do when I travel.  I have been doing this for over 30 years without incident.

Please don’t tell me about obeying the law.  That, IMO, is a black/white position.  You either obey ALL State laws, or you have no credible argument.  And nobody does.

* Apologies to Nike.


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