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New Rules

I don’t have very many rules here at Coyote Creek.  Friends may come and go as they like.  Tired?  Crash.  Hungry?  Eat your fill.  I have friends that come over, plop down on the couch, and knit all day, and don’t care to interact much, and don’t care if I don’t interact much.  Others come by to enjoy the property, and some find this a pleasant place to just spark a bowl in peace.  I am cool with all of it.

However, after thinking about it all day, and discussing it with friends to make sure it isn’t just me being all curmudgeonly or…dare i say it, mavericky, I’ve decided to lay down the law about this one thing:

Blackberrys.  Or any other electronic device that you type into, or recieve messages through.  Once you cross my threshold, turn them off.  Want to tweet?  Go home.  Gotta check you email?  Ditto.  I understand leaving a cell phone on, and even answering it when it rings, but anything beyond that is now verbotin.

I will not be an enabler.  I will not organize or participate in an intervention.  I’m just going to tell you once, turn it off, put it away, or go home.

And no brown M&Ms.  Which I guess should go without saying.

Thats about it.


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Push Back

It seems some people, unable to adhere to the spirit of order and rightfulness of the FGF governing body have decided to level attacks instead.  Fake FGW?  Indeed.  So, fine.  If we are all going to just do whatever we want to, I believe I’ll post a video that has nuthin to do with feelin good.  Take that.


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I was so worried I’d get it all wrong…

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Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Help me Please

If time wasn’t an issue, I’d wait till tommorrow.  But, does anyone out there know a company that can scan prints and creat a digital file of them?  I have around 100 prints i need digitized and copied to flash drive or CD rom.  I have a scanner, but the thought of sitting there, scanning each and every photo makes me shudder.



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FGF…Horns And Harmonies From Ahoy

Plus, you might just see someone you recognize at around 2:38…


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Feel Good Friday Advisory Council Meets

Due to the impending Holiday, Feel Good Friday submissions shall be due by close of business Wednesday, November 26.  Failure to comply will result in a penalty for the offending blogger, consisting of being forced to listen to a Meatloaf/BeeGees marathon.

That is all.


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Are You A Cunning Linguist?

Stumbled across this whilst surfin the net.  Its just a paragraph, but the comments are where the treasure lies.

I’d love to watch Coble read it.

So, I’ll go ahead and list “lose” and “loose” as my personal pet peeve…and a surprising number of smart people confuse them!  Have you got a few that get under your skin?

I’m thinking about challenging the entire blogoshpere to write a post, at least three paragraphs long, without using a single slang phrase or term.

Ok, “best practice” made me laugh.   Pretentious as all get out.


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