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No! I Really Mean It This Time!

Ahem.  Well, seems I spoke too soon.  This has been an odd year for this website.  In nine years, I have never gone this long without posting anything.  This has been a year of learning about my limitations.  I took on a gig last year, and it was quite the ride.  I learned more about contracting than I ever wanted to, and I learned quite a bit about SEO and PPC and ROI and of course, CYA.  There was very little room in my handsome head for anything else…including my most favorite subjects like spirituality, politics, and for lack of a better phrase…the human condition.  That bothered me quite a bit, but I would have done it all over again, mainly because I got to know some truly fine people who I otherwise would not have met.  I came away from this experience truly impressed by nearly every one of them, and each of them taught me something, I believe.  But it is done.  The moment I made the decision to spend the rest of this year catching up around Coyote Creek, I felt instantly relieved.  I’m way behind, and I couldn’t afford to hire people to do the things that need doing, so I will be playing catch-up this Fall.  That’s fine with me, the leaves are turning, the air is mostly crisp and clean, and this is a beautiful place to do chores, all in all.

So, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

With that, let’s do a bit of catching up, shall we?  For those of you that emailed and asked about us, first, thank you, and let me just say that we are all in good health.  There was a nasty scare with the horses this year, I waited too long to move them from Winter pasture, and the fescue was so hot this year, three of our horses nearly foundered.  It took a very compassionate farrier, and some herculean efforts on our part to keep them on their feet.  I won’t make that mistake again.  They are out of the woods now, and I am so relieved and grateful to Ricky and Rita, who spent countless hours tending to these horses for next to nothing.

We are dealing with aging parents, and Alzhiemers.  I am struck by how little resources there are to help people care for family members with any sort of dementia.  You’d think that with a wave of Boomers set to retire, there would be more information and assistance available, but you would be wrong, as I was.  We are fortunate, the Primary Wife is an RN, and I am tenacious when it comes to researching things, so we are somewhat well equipped to deal with this.  Still, it is exhausting at times. It can be a struggle to find the beauty in the situation, but it is there, even if I lack the writing skills to describe it.

What a farce of an election, amirite?  More than a billion dollars will be spent this year in an effort to convince us that President Obama is unfit for office he holds.  Roughly that much will be spent trying to convince us that former Governor Romney is unfit for the office he seeks.  And neither of those things is true.  Let me be clear…I intend to vote for the President.  I have huge concerns doing so, like drone wars targeting American citizens, and his cozy relationship with the banking industry.  Still, for me, there is no choice to be made.  I don’t think Romney is unfit.  He isn’t evil, he isn’t stupid.  But beyond that, I don’t know what he IS.  He took such ridiculous positions during the primaries that I lost all respect for him.  I believe he could be comfortably in the lead to win this election if he had been more like Jon Huntsman, and less like Rick Perry.  Anyway, I’d like know why the GOP thought this was a good time to talk about cutting back on Social Security, considering the enormous amount of Americans set to retire in the coming decade.  Sheesh.

I’ll be watching the debates tonight, of course, probably on C-SPAN, so that I am spared the breathless commentary from professional political pundits who know less about how real Americans live than either of the candidates.  Seriously, they are talking to each other, not you, not me.

Okay, well, duty calls, and the weather is beautiful, so I will end this here.  I will be back to a regular routine of posting here 3-5 times a week.

You have been warned.


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