Waiting On Parts

That’s right, cats and kittens.  This blog is now fixed, tuned properly, and has a full tank of unleaded snark.  For whatever reason, I was unable to log-on for a VERY long time, which, as it happens, didn’t bother me that much since I have been crazy busy.

I wonder how many of my regulars (both of them?) removed me from their reader.  Do people still use readers anymore?

So, I’ve been using Opera for browsing, and Chrome for email and such.  I just keep a couple of tabs open and this seems to work for this near Luddite.

I have been contracted by a local company for the last ten months or so, (is it “under contract”?) and the part time gig turned into a full time gig.  Sorta.  It’s complicated.  But I really like the people I work with, even though I sometimes want to break something over their collective heads.  Good folks, all around.  I will write about this in detail in the very near future, it’s fascinating if you’ve ever been tasked with making a large group of people learn to communicate.  Oh, there’s this to do and that to do, but at it’s core, that’s what this job entails.

Fired this baby up just in time for election 2012.  Yay.  What can I say?  The choice couldn’t be more obvious.  Another trickle-down adherent with an over-inflated sense of his abilities and an over-inflated sense of entitlement, or….President Obama.  Yes, I am fully aware that our CIC is a little too enamored of the banking sector for my tastes, but he is rock steady in a pinch, has a compelling personal story, and has shown some real leadership as POTUS.  Plus, he called Harry and said, “let’s put the scews to Mittens, this week, shall we?”  Whats not to love?

Apparently, I’ve lost all my street cred with the queer wing of the Democratic Party.  At least the folks I still talk with.  Sorry, guys, I thought the whole chik-fil-a boycott was poorly thought out, and had very little upside.  I’m entitled to think that without my commitment to equal rights for all called into question.  Bah, every few years I manage to alienate some of my liberal friends…last time, it was every woman in America.  Except it wasn’t.  Really.

I’ve discovered a few really awesome blogs this year, which is great, since most of the smart regulars at TPM moved on.  But I’m very much troubled by the purity tests.  Stray from accepted Liberal dogma and you are met with a vicious volley of insults.  That isn’t who we are, people.  We have to learn to listen, digest, then rebut.

Oh, and get off my lawn.





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9 responses to “Waiting On Parts

  1. w10ac

    Glad to see you’re back. I’ve missed hearing your take on things.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    You and my friend Dave von Ebers over to “The Corner Tavern” both came out of seclusion in the same week. I thought it was gonna be all on me to insult and belittel the indignorant fuckwads of the the reiKKKwing.

    Guy who owns Chick-Fil-A is an asshole. I can’t boycott them, I’ve never gone there. It would have been much more effective to simply go to some other crapfood outlet and then mailed your receipts to the local franchisee and say, “This is what you’re not getting, today.”.

    I’ve stopped commenting on two blogs ‘cuz my language is unacceptable to teh gunzloonz who come there to spout their lies, fuck ’em.

    My blog is less active than slime mold but, hey, we all do what we can do.

    I’m with you on Obama. Romney’s unacceptable.

  3. Demo, it was your prompt what did it. Thanks.

  4. jimvoorhies

    Glad you’re finally working. Next thing you know, I’ll start blogging again. And working. I hope.

  5. jim voorhies:

    Working and blogging? One thing at a time, dude, one thing at a time. Anybody can work, it takes a special sort of person to work AND blog.

  6. Mack:

    Is that gonna be a lryic for one of the tunes on the new “Rolling Stones Usin’ Teh Walkers” album?

    “Hey, hey you; get offa my lawn!”

  7. Sorry, I would have replied sooner but when this showed up in my reader I thought my glasses fogged up or perhaps it was an hallucination – but lo, you’re back!

    I was just about to post a lil something meself!

    Anyway… glad you’re feeling the urge to fire off some thoughts – we like it.

    And… the “queer wing”? really? In Boston we call ’em “queeahs” – get with the program. Speaking of Boston – have you seen Ted? Hilarious! But I digest. I need to lay off the coffee.

    Glad to see you around! Talk soon!

  8. Amber, howudoon? I haven’t been in Bahstun since 1/1/11 but I think I got a wedding to go to in November.

    A friend’s daughter just got a job in Norwood or Norwell, I forget which and she’s gonna be apartment hunting. Do you know if there is a hyper local “Craig’s list” she might check for dwelling places?

  9. democommie


    We require some new wisdom! stat!!

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