Wingnut Gravy Train?

Yesterday, I stopped by my local Goodwill and found a huge bin of books being offered for $1 each.  This is a sample of one’s choices.  Not a single book written from a moderate or God forbid a Liberal point of view.  Sorry, my Leftist brothers and sisters, but when I get ready ready to retire, expect to see my name on the dust cover of a book condemning the lot of you for your anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro Socialist ways.  Nuthin personal. I just want some.


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7 responses to “Wingnut Gravy Train?

  1. WHEN you retire?


    I am happy to announce that after three fucking WEEKS, TWC is finally going to hook up my cable and I will once again be unleashed in all of my fiery insouciance on the wingnutzofMurKKKa. It’s been too long since I’ve feasted on the festering marrow of their cracked bones!

    I do see some leftlibatheolit on sale at $Tree (about the only thing they sell that I will buy is the books–there are some awesome deals).

    Hey hows the dirtheat thing workin’?

  2. The Right has had it easy since you’ve been incommunicado. I’ll have to get used to your spelling again….

  3. I prefer to think of them as streaming neologisms.

  4. So that’s where you’ve been, Demo? Glad you’re back. Sic ’em. They’re getting stranger and stranger.

    Look at the bright side, Mack, at least somebody got rid of those books. Use ’em to start a fire in the fireplace.

  5. I think you are seeing the same phenomenon as with the books by Palin, Rove, Coulter and other loss leaders, only more so due to their humbler profiles. Once these books have been published, the organizations that support them have to practically give them away to get anyone to read them. Chances are nobody paid more than a fraction of a book club membership or a grocery store bargain bin price to get any of these scholarly tomes.

  6. These books are all from Thomas Nelson, the huge wingnut/Christian publishing house located right here in Nashville. So it’s obvious the publisher donated their overruns to Goodwill. It’s the “Christian” equivalent of the 25-cent discount bin.

    What this tells me is these books didn’t sell the old-fashioned way. In a bookstore. I haz sadz.

  7. Gary Larson or Bill Watterson have probably both “sold” more books than the entire batch of reptilican clowndidates since 1980. And try finding one of THEIR books at a Salvation Army or Goodwill.

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