I Wish People Would Say “Nashvegas” More

Big tip of the hat to Jim Voorhies!


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2 responses to “I Wish People Would Say “Nashvegas” More

  1. I thought when people said “Nash Vegas,” they were apologizing for the over-commercialized radio fuel that passes for good country music these days. (A veiled reference to Elvis, Cher?) Maybe Vegas is the only live venue where performers can make decent money. Still, in my imagination, Nashville and Austin and maybe even Mussel Shoals still stand as bastions of good singing and hot licks, sort of like New Orleans. Hell there’s even beautiful, soulful music in Phoenix Arizona at the Rhythm Room on MacDowell Road. So why shouldn’t I keep the faith? I’m sure I will make the pilgrimage one day. Having trouble getting my woman excited that Nashville is hosting the 2012 AGO National Convention.

    The first and only time I ever heard the term was from the Reverend Elvis Drinkmo about six years ago on, of all places, Tennessee Guerilla Women. He thought that my comment belittling Rush Limbaugh was funny enough that he had to explain why he would waste his time “checking in” with El Rushbo. He complained about the lack of good music on the radio due to the prevalence of that “Nash Vegas” thing.

  2. TGW? I haven’t been there since they went all Hamsher and started hatin on POTUS.

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