2012 In Review

2012 is off to a sunny start!  It’s difficult to be all curmudgeony when the weather is unseasonably warm.  It was a joy to climb into my truck and crank up some tunes.  For some reason, I’ve been listening to a lot of Spanish guitar driven music of late, at least while I’m driving.  At home, sitting at my computer, I’ve taken to listening to “rock” music from the 60’s and 70’s.  It was somewhat gratifying to have my daughter exclaim that we had all the good music, all they get is trash.  Been telling her that for years…

This is just a catch-all catch-up post…I’ve been asked for an update on Cookie, our (now) 16 week old puppy.  All in all, she has been a wonderful addition to our home.  She learns fast, (we haven’t had potty issues since week 2, she knows that outside is the place) and except for some minor chewing issues, she has done well indoors.  She stays glued to me when I’m around, but when it is close to bedtime, she shuffles off to her crate and settles in for the night.  Come morning, she’s hell on wheels, ready to eat and play with anything and everything.  I imagine she is close to 40 pounds.  Ridiculous.

Good game last night.  Spectacular fail on the part of the Steelers.  I understand stacking the line against Tebow in the beginning, but, seriously, once he beats you down the field…ADJUST!  He cannot run the ball for very long.  Getting pounding by linebackers will slow his step in no time.  The Giants man-handled the Falcons, good blocking led to an effective ground game, which, of course, leads to passing opportunities.  Tonight should be fun, but, really, I’m torn.  I HATE Alabama.  I was glad that LSU beat them.  But college football means a lot in that State, and Alabama suffered some terrible weather and dozens of people lost their lives.  Winning the title won’t do anything for the families who lost loved ones and/or property, of course, but if the community gets a feel good moment from it, then I’m happy for them.  I remember being happy for the Saints  Super Bowl Victory after hurricane Katrina.  Same thing.

This new year also brought new work for the Primary Wife.  She is excited about it and it is good to see her fired up about this new challenge.  You earned it, sweetheart.

Speaking of challenges, the project I took on has been a learning experience for me.  We are much closer to launching this ambitious new strategy, and time will tell whether or not my gut was right about this.

Ms. Cricket is being challenged, finally, in school.  She has “advanced” classes in math and science, and starts her first year of Spanish.  To top it all off, she is also learning to drive.  She is standing on the threshold of adulthood, and I’m wondering if she likes the view…

There is not much to say about the coming election, at least not yet.  Barring some last minute challenger, it’s Mitt in a walk.  The more pragmatic have already gravitated over, and then it’s more a matter of white-washing his record while damning every decision President Obama makes.  Pretty dull stuff, really.

Hey, I’ve written well over a thousand posts, they ain’t all gonna be winners. So here’s a taste of what I’m listening to these days:

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