I’m both amused and a little perturbed at the amount of press this young man is getting.  I didn’t really follow him in college, after all, he played down in Florida and if I have to follow an SEC team, it’s going to be that perennial powerhouse,VanderbiltUniversity. When Tebow came to the NFL, the haters started in almost immediately.  He can’t throw.  He can’t run. He can’t make it in the pros.  I didn’t pay attention, considering that those same things were said about Joe Montana, who was marginally successful as a NFL quarterback.  Who can say whether or not Mr. Tebow possesses that rare ability to overcome his physical limitations and just win football games?  The Broncos have been playing a better game of late, and they are winning games, both by producing points when they need to, and by minimizing mistakes in close games.  Unfair or not, it is usually the QB that receives the lion’s share of the attention when a club turns itself around. As a football fan, I’m happy to see it.  Football fortune is fickle, and Mr. Tebow could commit a fatal rookie mistake and see it all come crashing down to earth.  He wouldn’t be the first NFL media darling to experience that. The Denver Bronco/Tim Tebow story would be painstakingly covered by Bob Costas or Bryant Gumble, complete with slo mo video montages set to overly dramatic music.  I look forward.

Apparently, that is just not enough.  Mr. Tebow, it turns out, is a pretty outspoken Christian.  He is a member of that growing number of young Christians that wear their faith on their sleeve, unable, it seems, to seperate luck or whimsy from God’s will.  I have no doubt that the young Tebow boy feels that God hisself has seen fit to have him under center in Denver, and that he must let both his fans and his detractors know that he is simply God’s pawn, a mere servant, just doing the Lord’s will.  I’ve seen this before.  Anyone remember The Minister of Defense?  Reggie White too was a tool for God to use to punish opposing running backs.  It is not uncommon for professional athletes to have religion.  (Or professional rappers, for that matter)  Steve Young has it.  Curt Warner has it. There are many athletes who believe in God and are thankful for their blessings.

Then, as always, the media feels it’s necessary to exploit this.  Game-day directors love to shift focus to the young Tebow, kneeling in prayer, apparently asking God for just a little lift so the football clears the goalposts.    Yes, I know, Mr. Tebow seeks this exploitation.  I remember cringing when I saw the super bowl ad.  But, that is to be expected.  He doesn’t know any better.  He was born and raised in an environment of evangelicalism.  It is as much a part of his life as football, if not more.  But members of the media do know better.  That is probably why they do it.  I wonder though, if some tall, muscular, good looking quarterback with an excellent passer rating were to roll out a sajjada and make himself prostate on the 40 yard line, would the camera pull to a tight focus?  Would he even be allowed to do it?

So, until the wheels come off the Tim Tebow bus, we will be beset by non-stop marketing of this handsome Christian quarterback.  Personally, I think it sucks for him, the NFL, and the non evangelical fans that tune in watch our best athletes play football.





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13 responses to “Tebowing

  1. I wrote a letter to editor of our paper on this subject yesterday, when they showed this picture on the front page of the Sports Section.

    What self centeredness to think that God, is helping Tim Tebow or any athlete for that matter, to win a game. What about the other team? Is their losing because they did not get down on their kneees to him?

    I think Tim Tebow should be taken over to a Children’s Hospital, and made to walk through the wards where babies are dying from disorders they were born with, and injured children clinging to life. I think he will recognize what a totally selfish act it is, to expect God to come and spend his afternoons at a football game making sure he gets touchdowns !

  2. Fuck Tebow.

    He claims, as do many showboating religioholic assholes, that he “owes it all to GOD.”. Fine, thank him, in private, douchebag.

    All of the JESUS lovers out there seem to forget this quote:

    “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall recompense thee.”.

    If he really thinks it’s all GOD’s doing why is taking the paycheck? Why not just sign the check and donate the WHOLE thing to the church? I mean, GOD thinks Timmy’s special, he’ll make sure he’s okay, right?

    Goddamned pharisees.

  3. Char

    Tebow sickens me.

  4. If you didn’t catch last night’s Saturday Night Live Tebow & Jesus skit, Google it. It was hilarious … and prescient, as Denver’s performance today indicates.

    I think what annoys me and many people about people like Tebow is their utter lack of humility. There are plenty of prominent Christians out there who don’t come across as raging, smug assholes. Amy Grant is one who comes to mind, but I’m sure I could think of others.

  5. Of course there are, and I know many devout Christians who share my distaste for public displays of piety. I still think the Tebow fella is being used by the the media to gin up ratings, and to me, that’s worse.

  6. Super pastor and Chargers chaplain of 28 years, Shawn Mitchell, actually came to my church in the early 1990s as a much younger, although already very successful power christian. His Hans and Franz will pump you up style of Christianity was actually very intoxicating and exciting without any doubt. I didn’t really know what to make of it at the time as Christianity in general was far less politicized and “Pharisee’d-out” at the time.

    I always enjoy your theology Demo. You certainly remember the words of Christ very well. But praying for touchdowns is just bad theology in anybody’s playbook.

  7. “I always enjoy your theology Demo”. Well, seein’s I’m an atheist, I’ll enjoy the irony!


    “Tim and his mother moved into an apartment in nearby St. Johns County, making him eligible to play for the football team at Nease. His performance soon turned heads and led to a minor controversy regarding the fact that he was a home-schooled student having his choice of school to play for.[18]”

    IS from Wiki, but I suspect it’s substantially accurate factually.

    Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, had no obvious difficulty in getting in bed with lying fuckbag for JESUS, Jim (I beat my dachshund) Dobson at the Focus on Fucking Up Families and making a slick, misleading anti-choice ad. JESUS FFP (Favorite Football Player) Timmy KNOWS that his schtick is polarizing and he does it on purpose.

  8. I watched the game as the GODLESS NE Patriots tortured and crucified GOD’s only begotten QB. I did not see or hear (partly because every teevee in the bar was changed immediately after the game–I’m in GiantsJetsBills country) the postgame interview with Tebow, but I have not seen any photos or video of him “Doin’ the ‘T'” on the sidelines or in the locker room after the loss.

  9. Mack:

    Since you’re one of the designated arbiters of teh “cool” I will license you to use the term, “Tebawling” for those who weep about yesterday’s loss to the Satanically inspired NE Patriots.

  10. Seriously? I’m an arbiter? Cool.

  11. And yesterday, JESUS was too busy being BORN to help Timmeh winz.

  12. Demo, love ya like a drunk older brother, but please step away from LOL cats!


  13. I don’t got no LOL catz. It’s Buddy, all the way down!

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