From Mr. Voorhies

Gawd I love this: Mrry Xmas!


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2 responses to “From Mr. Voorhies


    So funny! Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. I was talking to two guys a couple of weeks ago. They were both texting while talking. While I have no doubt that they thought they were giving me their full attention I’m pretty sure that they would have a hard time reconstructing the conversation later.

    Back when “Call waiting” was afflicted on the millions I would be on a phone conversation with someone who would say, “Oh, excuse me, I need to get that.”. Sometimes they’d call me back and say, .”Oh, we must have been cut off.”. I’d tell them that I had hung up and they would get defensive about their shitty phone etiquette. I’d just tell them to call me when they had some time to talk. I have a problem with people who call and don’t leave messages, too. If you want me to call you back, you need to tell me why, unless you’re returning my call (wherein I TOLD you why I had called you).

    Communication is great, what passes for communication these days? not so much.

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