Making A Point


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3 responses to “Making A Point

  1. Thanks, Mack:

    That is a good tutorial. It’s getting cold enough here now that I’m thinking up hooking Bud up to 100KW treadmill generator. He needs to earn his keep!

  2. I’m still confused, because in the winter you obviously want your house warmer than 55 degrees. What makes up the difference? And also, when all that warm air gets pumped into the earth in the summer, does that raise the temp of the soil? Just curious.

    I know several people with geothermal heat pumps and they love them so I know it works I just don’t understand the mechanics.

  3. Funny you should say that…I know there are heat coils that come into play in the Winter, but the process of “heating” air that is 55-58 degrees into a comfortable temp is way more efficient than trying to do so with a conventional pump, which is working with 20-25 degree air. I’ll have much more of this later, as I am in “school” learning about these contraptions. I just love the technology, though.

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