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What’s the matter with Kansas?  If you are a High School student in the Shawnee Mission East school district, the matter is about free speech, emancipation, and petty political purity.  Emma Sullivan, a high school senior, attended a speech given by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, and tweeted her distaste for the man’s policies.  Some of the Governor’s staffers, (at least one of whom has some sketchy ties with a faux grass-roots political organization funded by the Kochs) saw the tweet and notified her school Principal.  He then courageously informed the staffer that the young lady was 18 yrs old, hence,  that he had no legal jurisdiction over her.  He advised the brown-nosed Brownback staffer to grow up, move on, and get on with the business of bringing opportunity to the people of Kansas.

Wait, no he didn’t.  Actually, he called the young lady into his office, scolded her for nearly an hour, then demanded she write an apology which he would dictate to her if she needed.

At the time, Emma had roughly 60 people following her on Twitter.  As of this morning, she has now topped 5000, and people from every state now know of her plight.

Talk about some great staff work!  You’d think, even Kansas, they would be aware of the power of social media.

Read this at 5:00 a.m. this morning, before ingesting my Columbian free trade java, but still most of it resonated with me.  If you are too lazy to click and read the link, it is one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers submissions on the state of his/her religious beliefs, or lack of. Here is a snippet:

At the same time, I support and personally feel belief in the mystery of it all, recognizing that we don’t know what we don’t know; and I have a strong sense that the teachings of Buddha, of karma, of Judaism, of Mohammed, and of Christ have a great deal to offer – that these world views all are directionally healthy if interpreted without literalism, that they all imply reasons for gratitude and that they all help build social fabric as shared belief systems, and that those things are good things which probably outweigh the obvious downsides of groupthink and the devastating divisions they also cause with humans who otherwise have so much in common.

It’s a good read, but I happen to believe that groupthink and devastating divisions far outweigh whatever comfort we find in our social fabric of “shared beliefs”.  But I thought “Gratheism” was a catchy term.

On a lighter note…Bob Costas did a piece last night during the halftime “show” of the Patriot/Eagle game, where he called out excessive player celebrations in the NFL.  Long overdue, in my opinion.  Spike the ball if you must.  Yes, it’s an adrenaline charged moment, and some scores are worthy of some celebration.  I forget who said this, but it’s spot on:

“Upon reaching the end-zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

Don’t mock.  Don’t dance.  And for the love of Pete, don’t kneel and give thanks to God.  (I was VERY put off during the Denver game, when they were about to attempt a game winning field goal in overtime, and the director cut to a shot of Tim Tebrow  on one knee, praying on the sideline. What on earth does a prayer for victory sound like?

“Dear God, I humbly beseech you to make this kick good, and visit defeat and humiliation upon my opponents.”

Anyway, NFLers, do your job without the ridiculous gyrations and such.  Unless, of course, you’re willing to lay prostate while we heap derision and scorn upon you for fumbling or missing a catch-able ball. Wait…we already do that.

Question:  Does anyone else out there hate the term “Black Friday” as much as I do?


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4 responses to “Broca’s Area Catch-All

  1. Mack:

    The young lady in KS should consider running for public office and being in the KS lege calling out Sam Brownhole where it will become part of the public record.

    I’d like the term “Black Friday” a LOT more, if the WS assholes would dive out the windows like their predecessors in 1929.

  2. Haven’t you seen “Seabiscuit”? In the movie, they said the whole “stockbrokers jumping out of windows” thing is a myth. Watch a movie, learn you some history, fella.

    “trow me down the stairs, my hat.” Still makes me laugh.

  3. Mack:

    Well, in this case, life imitating art would work for me.

    I’ve been meaning to ask, btw, is NORML a grassroots organization?

  4. I need a “like” button.

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