Random Observations You Can’t Live Without

It’s not classy, folks, but I just have to swirl the schadenfreude around on my tongue for a minute or three.

Super Committee?  Not so much.  As a recovering Democrat I have to say thank GOD Kerry & Co didn’t capitulate.  I don’t want to see cuts in entitlement programs, but standing up to Congressional bullies pays dividends down the road.

Dear Yahoo:  Turn off your comments section, now.  I am embarrassed to share DNA with 90% of the morons commenting on your news stories.  Seriously, let’s not show the world how much stupid exists here.  Let them think Cain and Perry are anomalies.

The world needs a better toilet.  And more of them.  I’ll have more on this later.

It’s funny to watch how puppies don’t “get” that they have grown.  Cookie tries to fly through small spaces she could get through last week, but now that she has doubled in size and heft, she can’t even wriggle through those spaces.  I used to have a nice table next to my arm-chair, but after being upended once or twice, it is bound for the garbage heap.

Dear Police everywhere:  Please stop pepper-spraying our young people.  They are trying to tell us something, and it’s really bad form.  The world IS watching.

Dear Fox News:  Pepper-spray is basically a “food source?”  Seriously?  Y’all went with that?

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4 responses to “Random Observations You Can’t Live Without

  1. DiatribesAndOvations.com

    Another wonderful post. If only people in power would find your good sense! Thanks for making folks think and smile.

  2. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that you do NOT consider pepper spray to be a food source. I, for one, would like to see it on the menu at the FoxSnooze Commissary.

  3. And I’d rather pepper spray every “newscaster” that says it’s a food product and then ask if they’d like seconds.

  4. Megyn and Bill? Sick and Sicker!! “That just burns your eyes, right?” “People are wondering if it’s been diluted or something?” “Yeah, You’d think that they would be reacting to it more than that!” No big deal, eh? Well, I guess we can finally put to bed this notion that the cops used excessive force. Thank goodness! I mean, it’s not like they swabbed it directly on the people’s eyes, now is it?

    Megyn is getting too smart for these shows. Pretty soon she may actually googol capsaicin. Capsaicin as a food product is still an irritant. When I get two fish tacos at Rigoberto’s, I dump one container each of avocado-jalapeno salsa and chipotle salsa and juice of one lime wedge on each taco. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even like jalapeno. First I blow my nose. Then I go to the sink to wash the tears out of my eyes. We’re talking the secfet to a long life!

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