Bernie Sanders Cuts Through The Bullshit



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4 responses to “Bernie Sanders Cuts Through The Bullshit

  1. Char

    Bernie always cuts through it. He’s one of my favorite senators.

  2. Senate Budget Committee too. Thank God.

  3. We need more plain talking Independents in Congress like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

  4. NPR is reporting that the Super Committee is poised to announce that they’ve been wasting time and money (never, ever their time or money) and cannot come to an agreement, wotta sooprize!

    I tend to forget to use Bernie’s position as a chip in the poker game that the gunzloonz play over at Mikeb302000’s blog. They like to bring up Vermont as a gunnerz paradize. I need to ask them if they think Vermont’s gunlawz are so good why we don’t elect more commies like Bernie to the Congress.

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