Kellys FTW

The carpet in the master bedroom is ten years old.  There is no money in the budget to replace it, but I knew I couldn’t live with it much longer.  Inside pets, toddlers, and time had left it stained and just funky as hell.  I’ve had it cleaned a number of times, but usually, it seems to revert to it’s former state within a week, regardless.  Still, I decided to have it cleaned.  I logged onto Craig’s List, and one particular ad caught my eye.  I called the number, and spoke to a young lady named Melanie.  I explained what I had, she quoted me a price, and the next day she was there, on time, and accompanied by James, her partner.

On the phone, Melanie explained that their method did not involve soaking the carpet with water and then trying to extract it with a vacuum  type machine.  Apparently, water can easily get down into the pad, and since the carpet machines can’t get down there to remove it, it can begin to mildew and rot the pad away.  What James and Melanie do is use an enzyme (after a thorough vacuuming) which goes to the base of the carpet fibers, then they literally buff it with a brush that is affixed to an industrial type buffer, like you see in office building and schools and such.  The pad stays dry, and after the carpet is raked, it looked beautiful, almost like new.  They did an awesome job, and I got tickled watching Melanie move heavy pieces of furniture, given that she weighs only slightly more than our neurotic Pomeranian.

Seriously, if you are thinking about having your carpets cleaned, give these two hard working entrepreneurs a call. (615) 598-7613.  They have a website that is pretty self-explanatory, and they are of course listed on CL.  There are plenty of carpet-cleaning scam artists out there, but you will be pleased with their work ethic and of course the way your carpets look when they get done.  By the way, they told me there is no sales tax on carpet cleaning, ever.

It’s really nice to feel like you got your moneys worth.


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2 responses to “Kellys FTW

  1. Mack:

    I was looking at wall-to-wall and they got some that’s treated with Scotchgard and Teflon to make it easier to clean. I said the hell with that and went right to the teflon spray. It’s slicker’n’snot on an ice cube, nothin’ sticks to it, but you gotta watch yourself goin’ up and down the stairs.

  2. Our carpet is more in line for replacing than cleaning, but I’ll remember this post in case I need it. It’s great that you found someone that did a quality job at a reasonable price and yet somewhat disturbing that’s not a common occurrence any more.

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