Somebody School Me

Some one is going to have to explain to me how a economy is sustainable when it disproportionately values investment over work.  And while we’re at it, why it’s reasonable to hold teachers making 40k a year accountable but not CEOs that make ten times that.  When we’re done exploring those questions, we can then move on to how a nation as rich as ours can ask boys and girls to go fight a war, then find every way imaginable to avoid taking care of them when they return home.    After that, I’d really like to know why it’s okay for banks to charge 15% interest on secured loans and yet pay out less than one percent on personal savings?  Those are just a few of the things of which I’d like a little clarification.  Anyone?



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    I hope when you get schooled you’ll share your new-found knowledge with the rest of us. These are all legitimate questions!

  2. anony mouse

    You don’t think CEOs are held accountable?

    Are they not hired all the time. Do they also get fired from time to time.

    You do need to be schooled, I suggest you Google “corporate structure” and start from there.

  3. Seriously? How many times in the last decade have CEOs that have trashed the company walked away with large bonuses? It isn’t the same type of accountability that teachers face, to be sure. One could safely assume that few rise to that level without some serious bank to fall back upon. A 45 yr old teacher, facing shrinking budgets and expanding student bodies, would be devastated by loss of his/her position financially.

    I suggest you Google “golden parachute” and go from there.

  4. Mack:

    Shorter anony mouse, “Shut up, that’s why!”.

    We have municipal and county elections today, the “conservative” candidate for city mayor wants to play hardball with SUNY Oswego over the issue of drunken, rowdy students. One reason that students get drunk and rowdy is the ease with which they can procure liquor from the slew of college bars and liquor stores that are heavily concentrated near the college campus. The local cops and the campus police (NY State Police) apparently have a mutual hardon for each other so they don’t do a lot of “town&gown” collaboration. The kids getting drunk are not living at home, they’re in dorms where mom and dad have no day to day control over them. So, yes, blaming the college (whose payroll alone pumps about $50M into the economy of a city of a bout 16K residents) is logical. Oh, wait, it’s done because the college can’t say a fucking word without drawing fire, thus giving the “conservative” (a reactionary fuckhead, truth be known) a freebie. I hate fucking neo-cons.

  5. Update on mayoral race in my little town.

    Well, apparenlty the voters saw through the demogoguery of the “conservative”. He lost by a 2-1 margin in a city where the common council is 75 or 80% republican and the voters stayed home in droves. In a city of about 6,000 registered voters, about half exercised the franchise.

  6. Are they not hired all the time. Do they also get fired from time to time.

    LOL. Corporate CEO’s don’t get fired. They resign to spend more time with their families. Or they’re transitioned into a new position to maximize corporate synergy.

    Either way, they get golden parachutes and stock options and float their way to another cushy position somewhere else. Because once you’re in, you have to fuck up not just royally but imperially before your membership in the club is rescinded.

    Take this guy, for instance: the former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, who walked away from 11 months work with a $23 million+ golden parachute, despite leaving his company in tatters. Which is funny because he’d only spent 7 months on the job of his last gig — CEO of a German company — before getting fired. And Hewlitt-Packard had to fire its last two executives and give them multimillion-dollar golden parachutes, too.

    This is class-A level fuck-up, but will the board of Hewlitt-Packard stop offering these bloated salary packages to con artists like their last CEO? Of course not. That would be wrong. Way better to whine about taxes and unions and continue to outsource production to Taiwan and China and dismantling its pension programs. Screw the workers, and let the CEO who worked for the company for 11 months walk away with $23 million. It’s the American way!

    And they wonder why people are occupying Wall Street. Pfft. Clueless, tone-deaf out of touch idiots.

  7. amber

    Woot! SoBeale smackdown!!

  8. It’s the standard of corporate loyalty dominating over common sense and doing the right thing. When corporate leaders approve creating financial instruments that are worthless and selling them for a profit, because making more profit brings them bigger bonuses, the people who actually know this is wrong don’t speak up. That’s all that’s necessary for evil to triumph. It’s really just a corporate version of the Penn State scandal. People in the trenches afraid to speak up because they’ll lose their jobs.

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