If You Don’t Believe, You Don’t Belong

Saw a woman jogging in a t-shirt with that nifty little slogan.  I thought it fitting (no pun intended) in that it perfectly describes the sentiment of far too many so-called Christians these days.  Belong where?  On Earth?  In your home/workplace/church/school?  Is it an elite club that only some may join?  It is a stupid and potentially dangerous perspective to have and to foist upon youngsters in or out of church.

What happens if I believe but am plagued by doubts?  Do I still “belong” , but in some kind of suspended saved state?  If I double my tithe, can I belong again?  What if I believe that Jesus was the son of God, but that I am as well?  What if I believe that the Bible is chock full of contradictions and out-dated behavioral mandates?  Can I skip selling my daughter into slavery but eschew shirts made of multiple fabrics?  And if I do, will I still belong?

Bah.  I’m on about this after hearing my daughter inform me that a certain youth pastor told his class that if they did not pay attention and remain silent for his lesson, God will judge them.  I keep meeting people who treat our relationship with God as one of master/servant.  This isn’t what I believe, yet, curiously, I still feel I belong.

That’s my Sunday rant.

Go Titans!



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5 responses to “If You Don’t Believe, You Don’t Belong

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  2. Mack:

    I don’t believe in GOD and I’m not plagued with doubt about it–I don’t want to belong to any group that insists I accept, as truth, non-verifiable “facts”.

    Further I don’t want to belong to any group who considers others to be “less” because of their beliefs in any supernatural beings.

    I get lonely sometimes, I’m closed out of some groups of interesting people because I won’t lie about my atheism–by them or by my own unwillingness to remain silent when they are being ridiculous.

    I don’t care what folks believe until their beliefs get in the way of my conducting my own life–particularly when I’m not doing anything that is wrong, but it happens to offend their sensibilities.

    I’m sure that your kids are growing up to be the sort of adults who will believe or not believe, based on their own thoughts, and not on someone else’s coercive belief system.

  3. I’m certain that a bumper sticker mentality is not helpful to good theology. Prayer of Jabez, anyone? The bible says that we belong to God, that we are his possession. My doubts usually center around the truthfulness or sincerity of those who make an easy comfortable living within the church and yet appear to be self-centered, lazy or even disingenuous. They seem to seek and wield power much like their secular counterparts. Usually I can feel the difference between someone who is on fire with the holy spirit and someone who is just pretending.

  4. I don’t need GOD to be good. It never really made me act any different when I was a believer–except I felt guilty about shit that didn’t matter.

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