Updates Galore

The new geothermal system seems to work perfectly thus far.  The house is warm and there is no “forced” heat smell that burning propane or natural gas so often produce.  A TVA inspector came yesterday, and signed off on the system so that, my friends, is that.

The new pup, Cookie, is a strange dog.  Not in a bad way, in fact, so far she has settled in nicely.  She accepts being crated at night, seems to know that outside in front is for potty, and outside back is for play.  She is pretty chill when she is inside.  The other animals are reluctantly teaching her some boundaries and manners.  We have incorporated a little Caesar Millan in our routine, and he does offer some good tips on training a young dog.  Her first vet visit is today, I wish I had time to take her once and not do anything, so she won’t associate the vet with unpleasantness.  Live and learn.

We are all enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.  The horses have gone to winter pasture, but we can catch glimpses of them between the trees.  When the final leaf drops, we will have a better view of them.

The kids are about to finish band season, their last competition is Sat.  I can’t go, as I have to be here for Cookie.  I really think the band overcame many obstacles and put on a great show, all things considered.

I’m about to start an exciting project that I am unable to talk about at this time, but I will update when I can.

Christmas is coming…too soon.


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3 responses to “Updates Galore

  1. Mack:

    Glad to hear that your Gheat is working as advertised. When you get all the numbers run you should let people know what it might cost them to do a similar system. I know yours is different in some ways (like, most of us, we don’t got TRACTORS with backhoes) but I think a lot of people would be interested in knowing what that sort of thing runs.

  2. Tractors with backhoes? You mean he didn’t dig all that with a shovel? I am shocked, shocked, I tell you.

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