A Canine Quick Hit

The truck was parked at a slight angle, and when the tire went flat, she leaned toward the hill in a way that it would have been unsafe to raise her with anything other than a large floor jack, which I do not have.  So, I wandered over to our little tire shop to borrow theirs….

When I walked in, there, in the little office, were six pups.  Each was perched atop a chair, and they were all fast asleep.  There was one female.  She somehow wound up in my vehicle and then in my house.  Meet Cookie:




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5 responses to “A Canine Quick Hit

  1. I looked at the picture and I thought to myself, “Buddy finds out I been oglin’ this babe, I’m toast!”. She’s a cutie. Sheperd mix?

  2. Mother was a Husky, father was an elderberry. Wait, no. Father was either a Lab or a Rottie.

  3. Looks like you’ve found a real friend. A dog like that could probably learn to talk. Make a good farm dog too.

  4. amber

    Awww, who’s a pretty puppy?! Who’s a pretty puppy?!

    You realize a smart dog like that will soon rule the roost. Prepare to obey the Cookie.

    ps. I fart in your general direction.

  5. All dogs know how to talk. It’s we that need to learn how to listen.

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