Rare Sighting

After I dropped the kids off at the pool school, I came up on a red fox standing in my driveway.  In 10 years, I’ve seen exactly two.  They are beautiful, fast, and mysterious.  That made my day.

(I want extra credit for throwing in a South Park reference)



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3 responses to “Rare Sighting

  1. Mack:

    Is that a color phase in the animal’s coat or just the way they always look around where you live?

    Buddy recently told me that he don’t play dat “ermine” thing where he changes color to blend with winter habitat (int this neck of the woods that would be black, gray and rust) and that we need to get a condo in FL or someplace. This was just after he told me that he’s got a “sensitive” stomach and needs prime, not choice, in his little doggie dish.

  2. That is a generic pic I grabbed off a website. I’ve only seen them in their red coats, but they may indeed change their color in phases.

  3. And they are so small.

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