Astute Branding, Or Clueless Pandering?

I refuse to get sucked into the ridiculous circus that is our election process this far out from the actual election.  That doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with important developments, but really, there haven’t been any.  Republican X said something stupid at a debate   Party commercial?  Why, it’s as if they are pandering to people’s fears or something!  No surprise.

But I am amazed at how strong the Republicans feel their brand is; that it can withstand a constant barrage of stupid and still remain solid.  Seriously, school lunches?  Is this the kind of “fraud and waste” of government money that has your collective panties in a bunch?

I also want to know in which of your meetings it was decided to go after Social Security, at a time when millions of Baby Boomers are about to retire?  Too many older workers are dealing with aging parents and jobless kids, all the while wondering if their years of work and sacrifice will result in their own safety net being yanked away when they are most vulnerable.  It’s a bold strategy.  Did I say bold?  I meant stupid.

I’m betting that at some point, you will realize that vote suppression and redistricting will only carry you so far.  Then what?  Once you have alienated the poor, the elderly, the unionized, people of color, and gay Americans, you had better make sure you get every other vote out there.  Because you’ll never, ever get them back.

But I thought the idea of invading Mexico was spot on.  Good luck with that!

If you don’t like Romney, you had better pick Huntsman.  He’s qualified, he’s sane, and he has the best chance at unseating President Obama, which is the only thing most Republicans care about.




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5 responses to “Astute Branding, Or Clueless Pandering?


    Great post! I think you’re right. Unseating Obama really IS the only thing that they care about. There are simply too many chefs in the GOP’s kitchen and they’re not all working to prepare the same meal.

  2. Mack:

    Since you’ve been in the trenches the GOP’s dysintelligentsia has been pushing Chris Christie of NJ to run. I think Rick Perry’s appeal is starting to wane and I’m pretty sure that the “Bachmann/Palin Overhyped” tour is undersold and will prolly fold. You are right to be not paying that much attention, it tends to make one dizzy.

  3. Demo, not sure Mr. Christie survives a thorough press vetting. Not even sure he welcomes it.

  4. Mack:

    I agree, but it will be fun to watch in the same way that it would be fun to watch Rupert Murdoch get run down and killed by his own dobermans. Horrific entertainment, but entertainment, nonetheless.

  5. I’ve got mixed vibes on this. I can’t decide if the Republican power brokers have settled on focusing on Anti-O as enough to overturn the White House and the Senate next year. Or if they’ve decided that none of the people that have come forward by “popular acclaim” have what it will take to actually win, so they’ve decided the run for the Republican nomination will just weed out this time in preparation for bypassing the people in 2016.

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