AIDS P*wned?

Not exactly, though how I wish it were so.  When I read this story, I actually felt elated, the possibilities of crowd sourced projects are limitless.  To me, this is further proof of a collective consciousness at work.  Yes, scientists and researchers laid the foundation for this, but the “gamers” (to mix a metaphor) put the ball in the end zone.  Those lonely, socially backward cheeto eating losers living in their mother’s basement contributed to a remarkable and useful project, one that may ultimately save millions of people the pain and suffering of AIDS, Alzheimers, and a host of other human afflictions.  Someone once said his computer was merely a more efficient porn delivery system, which is funny, but nowhere near accurate.  I love the idea that ordinary people who lack credentials but not imagination and determination were able to contribute.   This gives me hope.


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2 responses to “AIDS P*wned?

  1. Mack:

    I will have to read the piece, but without doing so I will differ with you on one item. Those cheetoh eating people in their mother’s basements are the enemy. Us, the good guys, we sit in our own homeoffice/dining room, drinking a foaming chai or steaming latte, eating biscotti and looking through our WholeEarth catalogs!

    Sounds like a cool, good works sorta project.

  2. Char

    Gives me hope too, doesn’t happen often.

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