Fall, We Haz It.

So much catching up to do…

First, (and most important) the colony of yellow jackets that attacked me has been eradicated.  My friend Bob actually found the dime sized hole leading to their nest, and a little gasoline and a lighter did the rest.  I found closure in the experience.

Okay, so I have a slew of emails asking about the geothermal project:  We break ground tomorrow.  I sectioned off a bit of pasture, and built a large holding area using round pen panels, and today I’ll be taking down a section of fence to allow the back-hoe to dig unfettered.  After the first trench is dug, the pipe is lain (layed?) from one end to the other, which leads to a common collection point.  This is repeated three times, then we dig one trench leading to the house.  The unit itself should go in towards the end of the week.  I’ll see what I can do, video-wise.

I had company this week.  My friend Bob from California flew out and we spent a few days together, playing golf and cribbage and drinking Stoli on ice.  Then my niece flew in from Penn State and we hung out for a couple of days, playing cribbage and not drinking Stoli on ice.

The Primary Wife had to drop everything and haul ass to Atlanta, as her dad needed surgery right away to fix some heart ailments.  I get grouchy when she is on the road.

I got my ass handed to me Sunday on the course…but the pain of that beating was lessened by watching the Titans kick the shit out of the Ravens.  Hasselbeck did well, and I think he is a good fit while Locker learns the ropes. but the real story is the defense.  Keep it up, fellas.

I can be such an idiot…I drafted Cam Newton but didn’t start him either game.  I felt sure the Green Bay defense would baffle the young QB.  The Panther’s lost, but Newton amassed 24 points.  Sigh.  My oldest son whipped me pretty good this week in our fantasy league.

I’m not writing about politics right now…there is really no reason to do so.  Primaries are a circus to be sure, but pearl clutching over every stupid thing a candidate says in one isn’t my style.  Besides, I’m really more interested by efforts to do something meaningful, and I’m intrigued by this project more than I can say.  A problem we can solve.  How often do we hear that?

I believe Fall has arrived, we are just starting to see the leaves turn, and it’s been all blustery this week.  The wasps are flying low and slow, and so are easier to smite with my guitar shaped flyswatter.  Smiting, btw, is often not given it’s due.  I shall do more of it in the future.  God must have a great deal of discipline to not do more of it.

Back soon, I promise.


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2 responses to “Fall, We Haz It.

  1. Besides, I’m really more interested by efforts to do something meaningful ….

    I hear ya. I’m so over the nattering of political nabobs. Like you, I found myself inspired by a simple project that actually solves a problem: bringing light to the slums of the Philippines …

  2. Mack:

    Glad to hear that you conquered the beasties. I got nothin’ against any of the animal kingdom until they open up a can of whupass on me. After that, well time to piss on the dogs and call in the fire.

    I’m going to go get a good night’s sleep.

    Like you I was laid low by a fiend most foul, sciatica. At least you can set fire to the yellowjackets; your own back, not so much!

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