Is It September Yet?

Can’t go another day without posting something.  Let me try and catch y’all up…

Spent the last two days bush-hogging the back pastures, this dry weather has killed much of the grass and in it’s place were weeds.   Big honkin weeds of every variety.  Tall sprouts with clusters of pollen on top.  Thick, stubby stuff with wicked looking leaves and thorns.  Some of these weeds were over 10 ft tall, so of course, I had to climb down from my rig every so often, clean out the front grill so that the engine can breathe, and clear out the yellow dust that accumulates around the block and the radiator.  The Primary Wife refers to this as “farm fun.”

I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking for more info on the geothermal system.  We are scheduled for installation later this month, but I can share a bit more with you:

 This is the exact model we will be using, except that instead of going vertical, ours will be mounted horizontally.  It will be installed in our crawlspace, raised slightly to prevent possible damage from water, should we ever have a plumbing issue.

The Company that manufactures this unit is Water Furnace, located in Florida.  They have been on the leading edge of the geothermal movement for decades.

I plan to post pictures of the installation later this month, including the excavation.


So we drafted in our fantasy football league last Sunday night.  Weird drafting with 10 teams.  By the third round, you are looking at guys ranked in the 70’s and 80’s.  I got Tony Romo as QB.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I really wanted Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, (who I had no chance of getting) or even Josh Freeman.  Maybe without the distractions of a certain hot blonde Romo will focus more on, you know, completing passes.  Just for fun I picked up Cam Newton.  Yup, he’s a rookie, but I watched him dominate the SEC last year, and the guy was a man among boys.  We’ll see if he can read NFL defenses…

I have visitors coming this month, including an old friend whom I’ve known for 33 years.  That kinda rocks.  My niece, (an economics professor at Penn State) is coming to give a presentation at Vandy so she will stay with us for a couple of days.  September promises to be a busy month.

Oh, I’m selling my truck.  Cheap.  Anybody you know looking? Also, I’m not quite ready for a new dog, but I’m looking at certain breeds.  All of my animals in the past have been rescues, I’m just considering getting one from a breeder this time.  I like the Belgian Malinois:


That’s all I got today.






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4 responses to “Is It September Yet?

  1. Mack:

    The water furnace looks like a nice compact unit. Is the installation a “turnkey” operation or do you have to GC the trenching?

    I showed Buddy the picture of the dog you’re thinking about. He said, “Oh, sure, if you want some big honkin’ slobberbeast all over ya! Me, I think less is more, peel me a steak!”.

  2. I’ll be overseeing and assisting with excavation. My front end loader will get a workout.

    Isn’t that dog something? Buddy has no taste.

  3. Mack:

    Buddy sez itz a good thing that doggy is only a pitcher; ‘cuz otherwise he’d ride the rods down to Nashvile and go all dachsweiler on his ass! He also wants to know if you got anyothem Blackjack&Bacon dogbiscuits–he sez he will roll over and let you scratch his belly for a bagathose.

    So did you get a quote with/without you do the diggin?

  4. Yea, this contractor is very easy to work with. He said if I did my own or contracted out myself it would be cheaper, of course. So, thats what I did.

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