Canines, We Haz Them.


Been trying to get back to my keyboard, but I’ve been taking a crash course in alternative heating/cooling options that scale to residential use, and, well, I’m not an engineer or scientist so it takes me longer….

In the mean time, I thought I’d share what is going on in our back pasture.  Yesterday, i was having a conversation with The Missus out on the deck.  I gazed out to the pasture and saw a HUGE coyote standing right in the middle.  I alerted The Missus to his presence, and just as she turned to look, another 8 or so came over the rise and gathered together where we could clearly see them.  Coyote sightings aren’t unusual, but seeing an entire pack is almost unheard of!

This morning, while having coffee with The Primary Wife, a mother coyote was hopping in the grass trying to catch a small rodent.  Suddenly, we spotted to pups playing what appeared to be a game of tag.  Fun stuff.

Looks like the cooler mornings are seeing more activity from our wildlife.  Come on Fall!

I’ll be chronicling the process of installing our geothermal system next month.  I may take some video and post it to YT.


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10 responses to “Canines, We Haz Them.

  1. Geez, here I thought you was gonna tell me how you grabbed your AR-15 with the 100 round drum mag and sprayed the pasture with enough lead to build a lifesize bust of Wayne LaPierre:O)

    I hope they’re not bothering the horses.

    Let me know if you need an “enforcer”, Buddy will come do it for free, it’ll only cost you whatever his kibble is worth=*

    * And my travel and living expenses; Buddy, alas, is a “one demo” dog and will not respond to commands from others. Okay, he won’t respond to mine either, but he luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurves me.

  2. That sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, Mack. I haven’t heard the coyotes over near us but I’m sure they’re here.

  3. They’re just curious about the geothermal.

  4. They are lucky Rocky is chasing down coyotes in doggie heaven.

  5. I expect that Rocky is prolly making friends with coyotes, dingos, painted wolves and the rest of his distant brothers.

  6. Mack:

    I just had oneathem epifannies! You got a pack of madcoyotez out thar in them hills–put them to work.

    Go lay out your trench lines for the Geographic Heatolatin with BACON GREASE, about sundown. When you wake up in the morning, voyla, them trenches you need will all be dug up, along with all the mice, voles, moles and Jimmy Hoffa!! I seen it done, it works!!!

  7. What the hell is a vole?

  8. A vole is a mouselike critter that the coyotes and wolves (among others) feast on when they’re plentiful. They’re like rodenttots,

    Photos, here:

    They’re cute by the onesies, when they’re like lemmings in the thousands, not so much.

  9. Oh, like Teabaggers.

  10. Mack:

    They are not cute, even by the onesies.

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