You May Dine, But Leave Your Spawn At Home.

As a former restaurant/bar owner, I can sympathize with the proprietor of McDains Restaurant in Pennsylvania.  He just implemented a new policy at his place….banning kids under 6 years of age-no exceptions.  His complaint centers on the fact that some young children just cannot be controlled by their parents, particularly their volume level.  He feels it is incredibly rude to bring unruly children to a public restaurant, and I kind of agree with his decision.  Recently, we enjoyed a vacation as a family, and of course that meant many meals out.  Breakfast for the four of us averaged 40 dollars.  Dinner?  Twice that.  To pay those prices and have your meal outing ruined by spoiled kids is a double whammy, as they say.  I remember back when I was a server, and I’d be appalled at what some parents will allow a child to do, then not feel obliged to leave a nice tip.  Some just trash the place, especially the area around them.  Food all over the floor.  I didn’t mind the clean-up, except that it takes extra time and I might miss out on a good party that will tip appropriately.

I’m not sure how you enforce the somewhat arbitrary age limit though.  Kids don’t carry I.D.

What do you think?  Does this owner have the right to do this?


Edit:  I’d be all over a restaurant that banned cell phone conversations.  I HATE to hear some self-important asswipe yakking on and on at the next table.



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5 responses to “You May Dine, But Leave Your Spawn At Home.

  1. Well of course a restaurant owner has the right to do it. Whether it’s right to do so is another matter. I’ve certainly been the victim of my share of atrociously rude parents (here’s an example) — and yes, I think the fault always lies with the parents. But I think these incidents stand out because most of the time the kids I interact with out in the world are for the most part well-behaved and the parents are attentive.

    I’m not sure it’s a good decision to alienate the vast majority of good parents who have raised children to be well-behaved in public. But that’s his decision to make and he will suffer the consequences accordingly.

  2. Thats kinda what I think too, Beale.

  3. Based on my own experience with the idiots who put on make-up at the table, wear baseball caps in nice restaurants, text and take photos of people while sitting in those same restaurants and engage in numerous other breaches of etiquette I would allow the kids–but I’d ban the ‘rents.

  4. woody pooches

    Ban teenagers too! Noisy, young brats! Oh yea, no more than 1 drink per person please. Noisy drunks! Matter of fact ban anyone who annoys me please. I have a right to go out in public without being annoyed! This is America!

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