Please Tell Me This Is About Semi-Aquatic Marine Mammals

It seems Disney has filed for trademark rights to the term “Seal Team 6”.   I’m pretty sure this isn’t about the wacky adventures of a half dozen friendly pennipeds.  No, they are of course looking to make a movie about the operation that got America’s number one enemy, and that I suppose is somewhat harmless.  But the rights extend into children’s books, toys, Christmas decorations and…wait for it….snow globes.

I’m pretty jaded, but this really floored me.



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5 responses to “Please Tell Me This Is About Semi-Aquatic Marine Mammals

  1. What do you expect from the company that sued child care centers for painting pictures of Mickey Mouse on the walls? Disney is pretty heinous, and it bears remembering that they own ABC and ESPN, too.

  2. Disney is teh SUCK. Let us not forget that a certain number of the more fucked up wastrels who are the subject of the tabloids fodder learned their trade (and a bunch of bad habits) while working there as young people.

  3. Char

    Children’s books and snow globes seems odd, and Christmas ornaments, who wants that on their tree? I guess if it wasn’t Disney it would be someone else.
    Hollywood has no imagination anymore, it’s not easy to find a good movie.

  4. Quick: name the movie!

    “Fa love Pa.”
    “Pa love Fa.”
    “Fa love Ma!”

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