Terrorism in Ohio

I read this disturbing story this morning and could barely keep from throwing my laptop through the wall.  The facts are somewhat sketchy at the moment, but it appears that some haters set a man’s barn afire, killing seven horses and a young foal in an effort to terrorize him because he is gay.

I just don’t know what to say.  I’ll get to a peaceful place about this, because I have to, but at the moment I only feel rage and despair.  It’s bad enough to strike out at an individual over his/her orientation, but to do so in a manner that causes pain and suffering to innocent, intelligent animals is a crime that to me ranks right up there with murder.

I’ve got flooding issues to deal with today, which may be a blessing as it will keep me from dwelling on this too long.

Just damn.


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3 responses to “Terrorism in Ohio

  1. democommie


    Why get to a peaceful place? I’m not advocating violence; what is the point, however, of trying to be calm, cool and reasonable when talking to/about such murderous assholes? They are, observably, comfortable with demonizing those whom they do not like, to the point of committing horrific crimes like this to “defend” their own viewpoints. They’re scum, they don’t deserve to be treated like decent people and they should be horsewhipped if they’re ever identified, brought up on charges and convicted.

    As much as I would like to see whoever did this pay for their crime I reserve my strongest condemnation for the Terry Jones’s, Ann Coulters, Bryan Fischers and the rest of the lying, hate-filled agent provocateurs of the the reichwing. I would have a seriously hard time restraining myself if I was within the punching or choking out radius of any of those assholes.

  2. I just can’t carry that around with me, Demo. To me, that is the really the only way….don’t give in to my base instincts.

    Of course, it might be different if I was actually within striking distance…

  3. DiatribesAndOvations

    Not just murder … but TORTURE, too. This is a “hate crime” if ever there was one.

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