Firefox, You Are Dead To Me

I really liked the whole Mozilla thing.  Each and every time there was an updated version, I’d run it.  Sure, you were a bit of a resource hog, but my browsing experience was so good…until now.

You know what made my browsing so enjoyable, right?  It sure wasn’t speed.  It was the fact that I could tweak your browser so that I didn’t have to see any ads.  I only ran two “add ons”, and one was AdBlock Plus.  When I upgraded to your newest version of Fire fox, ABP no longer worked.  I tried every fix I could find on the web.  Eventually, i resorted to the nuclear option, which was to dump my entire profile and lose my coveted bookmarks, and I removed Firefox altogether and uploaded an older version.

Nothing worked.  I’ve wasted far too much time with you.  I’m getting comfortable with Opera and when I’m not I use Chrome.  Such a pity, though.  We had this great thing going on for years.


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3 responses to “Firefox, You Are Dead To Me

  1. democommie


    I just plod along with the microsofty and google. I know there’s better stuff out there, but every time I try to use anything that doesn’t respond to the three pound wrench I run into trouble.

  2. amber

    Oh Mack – I’m sure you’ll meet other browsers – BETTER browsers even!

  3. Yea, Amber, I met Opera and Chrome. Fast and easy, just the way I like em.

    Demo, I’m a busy man, no time for plodding.

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