It’s been a long, weird winter.  I think this has been the longest I’ve gone without posting since the Chronicles began.  I actually heard from a couple of regular readers asking if everything was alright, and I was touched that someone actually took the time to inquire.  Very cool. I have a ton of plausible explanations I could offer, but I think my sabbatical is best described as a result of yet another, what, incarnation, maybe?  They say we re-invent ourselves every ten years.  That sounds about right.  I think I just came through a period where everything I wrote seemed like it was written by someone other than myself, and really not written very well.  So many events took place that i wanted chime in about, only to find myself unable to find an interesting way to do so.  The senseless Gifford’s shooting.  The cowardly, cold blooded execution of Brisenia Flores and her father.  The devastation caused by the BP oil spill.  The tragic earthquake and tsunami that has crippled Japan for what looks like generations to come.  Coke Zero.

But I didn’t.  Fortunately for those who like to read blogs, there were people like Southern Beale and John Lamb offering serious and sober assessments of a range of topical and important issues.  I am happy to know both of these people, and I read their blogs daily.  You should too.

I spent this time away from here re-evaluating the people and things in my life.  I have had to sever ties to those I feel do not respect who I am and what I do, whether they be long-time friends or even family.  I see no value to working in vain to keep toxic relationships going, on the hope that they will eventually become mutually fulfilling.  For me, the issue at hand is time, and between raising two active teens and caring for elderly parents, there is precious little of it to squander on people or activities that steal time but offer little in return.

That’s about all the navel gazing I care to do.

Now, on to some things that matter….


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5 responses to “Sprung

  1. What a great surprise to see this post come through! You are missed.

    I understand what you mean about letting go of toxic relationships that drain the life out of you. I commend you on having the ability to walk away. The codependent in me wants to “hang in there” with those kinds of people until they somehow “see the light”… they rarely do. It takes a lot of courage to make those choices. Good for you.

    Much love from “almost Alabama”… The Tart.

  2. Appreciate you stopping by, Ginger. Liking your new job?

  3. amber

    I’m with Ginger! When I looked at my Google Reader I had to clean my glasses – So glad to see you post!

  4. Holy cow! There was nothing new here this morning and now two posts! Cool.

  5. democommie

    How the hell did I miss this?
    Winter is still hanging on up here, not by much but it snowed a little in several places near here in the last couple of days.

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