T-Mobile Math Escapes Me

Dear Tmobile,

Back in 1996, when you were still a small cell phone provider called Powertel, I contracted with you for cell phone service. The phone itself was roughly the size of a hockey stick.  Well, I figured, at least it wasn’t a bag-phone.    We’ve been together through all of your changes, including the short lived lived Voicestream.  Since I was out of contract, even though your coverage wasn’t the best I stayed with you.  I even stayed with you when you stopped giving me a free phone upgrade every few years.  I was content to buy my own phone.  I’ve been with you for 14 yrs, and have never missed a single payment, or been even a minute late.
Recently, I added two lines for my children.  I payed to upgrade my phone.  What I didn’t do, however, was change accounts or account numbers.  When my bill arrived, I payed it, just like I have been doing for over a decade.  Imagine my shock when I went to use my phone in the middle of a snowstorm, and you had suspended my service!  Surely, I thought, this must be a mistake.  I verified payment was made by my bank, then contacted you.  Apparently, when I added these two lines, YOU GUYS ASSIGNED A NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER.  So, my payment was incorrectly credited.  I had a nice live chat with Shawn R., who was very sorry that he could not get my phone activated until I paid a small balance owed.  (Apparently, you credited the new account with the payment, minus what I owed for final costs of the old account.)   So, with members of my family out on the road, you turned off our service.  Just like that.  I guess you feel that we can’t pony up the 200.00 per line cancellation fee.  Rest assured I will be sending you 800 dollars and whatever final costs I owe.  It will be the best money I ever spent.

Your ridiculous billing has always been an irritation, and the fact that I am charged for texts i don’t want.  I never texted a soul until this year, but every month, like clockwork, I always owed something for receiving texts from people who assumed I had texting service.  I really won’t miss having to verify my account information 9 times when I call customer service.  I won’t miss the frustration I feel when i realize that your various departments cannot or do not share info, so that I have to start from scratch each time I run the gauntlet of your customer “service”.  I’m sure your actuaries have determined that the 200 per line fee covers your costs so you don’t take a hit from cancellations….but i have to wonder, at 168.00 a month, how much do you really stand to lose?  In 24 months, you will have taken in $4,032.00 from me.  So, I have to ask, why don’t you want my $3200.00?  That”s what was on the table.  800 dollars versus 3200 dollars, coming from a proven reliable long term customer, with impeccable credit.

Today, I’m headed down to Walmart, I’m going to purchase some phones, and still save almost 45 a month for the same service.  Viva StraightTalk!


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4 responses to “T-Mobile Math Escapes Me

  1. democommie


    I’m pretty sure that all of the cellphone providers work from the same playbook.

    Sample conversation translation:

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems. ” =

    “We’re all the same and we’re the only game in town, get used to it.”

  2. It turns out that I can drop my communications bills by a whopping $5 if I pick up a bundle from AT&T. But they won’t do a custom bundle that includes services I want, only ones they want, like including long distance on my home phone. Who cares? Long distance doesn’t exist anymore because of cell phones – it’s now free to anyone with a cell phone. But they can “bundle” unlimited calling with a home phone and mobile service at a special price that’s barely worth it.

    And make you wait two months for the “bundle” to actually show up on your bills.

    They are ripoff artists and only a total lack of internet options keeps me from blowing them completely out of my life.

  3. democommie

    I keep beating the same dead horse. Having worked in the Regulatory divisiion of a large telecom who shall remain nameless *, I know that the one thing they absolutely fear is the prospect of having cellphone biz regulated like the landline biz.

    * Starts with a “V”, rhymes with “fucking assholes”.

  4. Mack

    * Starts with a “V”, rhymes with “fucking assholes”


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