Before The Holidays

Don’t want to dampen any Holiday spirit that might be lurking about, but I wanted to get this in under the wire.  I am not making a point about DADT, but rather a point about how we are all forced to engage with rules and policies put in effect by over-educated and under-experienced people.  NPR was interviewing a young soldier who said, simply, the DADT policy was impossible, especially for front line units, because the soldiers tend to bond quickly and firmly.  The kid said “you are always being asked, always having to tell, or to lie.  Whats your girlfriend’s name?  Are you married?  Bringing a date to this event or that function?”  And there it is.

I am pretty familiar with a few policies of one of this State’s largest employers, and I am amused by how much wasted time and effort exists there because too few of the people setting policy have any clue what it means to front line personnel.  I see it all the time in the restaurant business.  One case in point, (because i don’t want to be a scrooge here) is the mind-numbingly stupid policy that every available server must drop what they are doing and go loudly sing some variance of the Happy Birthday Song to some embarrassed guest.  Servers hate it.  Its humiliating and a complete waste of valuable time.  They can be rolling silverware, re-filling drinks, pre-bussing tables, running food, expediting orders, or, for crissakes, having a quick smoke.  Some Corporate bigwigs who never wiped a table clean in their lives decided the American people wanted to be badly serenaded  by complete strangers while they eat, and by Gawd, thats what we’ll do!

Y’all know what a camel is?  Its a horse, designed by committee.


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2 responses to “Before The Holidays

  1. Ever watch “Under Cover Boss”? Kinda the same principle.

  2. democommie

    Hey, I can’t wait to see all of the KKKristianist assholes exit the ranks enmasse. The reason I can’t wait is ‘cuz I got other things to do in this life and I know that the majority of the bullies for GOD are just as cowardly as the chickenhawks in backing up their rhetoric when it actually costs them something to do so.

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