More December Drive Bys

The very definition of surreal:

A guy stands up at a school board meeting, spray paints some kind of symbol on the wall, and then proceeds to take everyone hostage.  He releases the women present, and even after one of them swings her purse at him,  he doesn’t fire.  He then walks to the center of the room, and fires several rounds at point blank range toward the board members seated in front of him, missing each time.  A security guard fires at him from much further away, and the guy falls wounded to the floor.  He then takes his own life.  Yes, the woman was brave, and the guard did his job, but I’m left wondering if the guy really had murder in mind?  I mean, you have to be a pretty crack shot to MISS from that distance.  Any chance this guy just wanted to terrorize this group of people?  We’ll never know.

The Senate will most likely find a way to screw up the DADT repeal.

Who knew that a fraction of people receiving long term unemployment benefits could wield so much power?

Dear companies that I buy stuff from:  I don’t need several emails a day from you telling me about your latest promotion.  I really don’t.

It doesn’t seem mad to require people moving across borders to have proper documentation, but a shipment of automatic weapons doesn’t bother us that much?

Nobody thought that what amounted to a tarp thrown across a stadium in MINNESOTA might give way in a snow storm?  I’ve been there in July, and needed a light jacket.

Watched guys install some carpet yesterday.  These days, you can buy carpet that has yarn infused in it, is stain resistant (including pet urine), and is woven in a manner that prevents something called “pilling.”  They have made some serious strides in the production of floor covering…yet, unbelievably, the guys still install it by slamming their middle-aged knees into a padded steel bar.  Whine to them about carpal tunnel.

I find it comforting to know the areas behind my stove and fridge are clean and debris free.

One day, I’ll use my phone to make dozens of calls, send and receive several emails and text messages, adjust the roster of my fantasy football team, watch a “how to” video on Youtube, and still have a few bars left in my battery.  The next day, after re-charging, I won’t even pick it up and my battery is almost dead.  It’s all quite random.

I somehow wound up on the Davidson Conservatives email list.  Man, these guys like to meet.  I’d sooner make love to a llama.

I have the most complimentary spam.


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5 responses to “More December Drive Bys

  1. democommie


    “I find it comforting to know the areas behind my stove and fridge are clean and debris free.”

    And you teleported all that shit to MY house?

    I’m online at a McDonalds in Westford, MA, waiting for my good friend to finish his corporate teaching gig at his client’s headquarters and come deliver my sorry ass back to my cozy and clean domicle in NY.

  2. Ain’t it awful cold up there?

  3. democommie

    I’d say, “chilly” but then my house is currently about 50 degrees INSIDE, so it may be affecting my judgement.

    Maybe a foot or so of snow fell while I was at the seacoast (not a happy event, a friend lost his daughter) but my neighbors took care of my walk and fed my pellet stove and I returned to a clear driveway and unfrozen house. The funny thing is that we’re closer to Lake Ontario than Sarah Palin is to Vlad’s dacha and yet the snowfall here has been relatively light (a couple of feet, maybe, so far this season–winter’s not yet here, of course) while Syracuse and its environs, 35 miles SE of here has been getting hammered. They’ve seen about 7 feet of the the stuff already this year. C’est la vie!

  4. Mack

    Yikes. Well, those are good friends that will shovel your walk and makes sure your pipes don’t freeze. We’ve had, thus far, an unusually cold December, I’m going through wood like mad, not to mention propane.

    Stay warm, buddy.

  5. I’m left wondering if the guy really had murder in mind?

    Yeah I kinda had that same thought. I think he had what they call “suicide by cop” in mind, but when the cop missed he just did the job himself. Too many nutters in the country getting pushed over the edge. Sad story all around.

    I somehow wound up on the Davidson Conservatives email list. Man, these guys like to meet.

    Oh man ME TOO! I wonder if they had their mailing list hacked or something? WTF? I have been getting phone solicitations from conservative groups, and one little old lady — sounded like she was 80 — called saying she was from the College Republicans. Again: WTF? I’m afraid she caught me on a bad day because I let the poor lady have it.

    Happy holidays to you and your family, Mack.

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