Kill Your TV!

A little over a year ago, we got rid of the Dish.  At the time, I was merely trying to save a little money.  Wait, check that, A-LOT of money.  We haven’t missed watching TV.  Football season poses a set of challenges for me, but free over the air TV and good friends gets me through it.  Anyway, last night, after watching the Titans lose, I got busy doing stuff on my laptop, and left the TV on.  Yikes.  I’m not sure what program followed the game, in part because I was preoccupied, but mostly because it seemed like a couple of hours of campaign ads.  Ridiculous, over the top, dishonest, moronic campaign ads.  (Jim Cooper’s was cute, but in a way that gets irritating after the first 200 viewings)

I climbed into bed and a promo came on telling me to stay tuned for CSI Miami.  I thought it might be fun to watch a little of it before turning out the light, so I fluffed my pillow, grabbed the remote, and turned the volume to where I could hear it.  WHAT A TRAIN WRECK.  Stupidest plot ever, which made the overwrought acting really stand out.  In between scenes, I was treated to more of the same political ads.

People still pay for this?



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5 responses to “Kill Your TV!

  1. Char

    I watched a delightful episode of Bored to Death. I can’t stand to watch that red headed guy on CSI Miami. But I haven’t watched any CSI for years.

  2. That’s why we have the dish still. We lived too many years getting only local broadcasts and even though there are times when we’ve got 57 channels and nothing’s on, as the Boss used to sing, there is frequently an alternative, even if it’s watching a cooking or DIY show. And the alternatives are always better than most of what’s on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. I cannot stand the current crop of reality shows that proliferate because they’re cheap to produce instead of qualitative.

    Mind you, sometimes the differences are marginal, but that’s why we have computers and books.

  3. That’s why we have the dish still as well. It’s the only way to avoid the crap on “regular” TV. We mostly watch the original programming on HBO, reality shows like Top Chef on Bravo, and Comedy Central’s stalwarts, The Daily Show and Colbert Report. And then there’s all the good stuff on National Geographic, Current, FreeSpeech TV, etc.

    All of this stuff is repeated throughout the day so I can avoid politics and right wing spin all day long. I don’t even watch Olbermann anymore. There’s no political advertising on any of these channels, which is an added draw. I have to say the few times I had on the local news, the deluge of negative campaign ads drove me away in a hurry.

    This is why I’m no longer giving any money to any campaigns. It all ends up on your TV in the form of a negative ad. The only people getting rich off of our broken system is the media. I’m over it.

  4. democommie

    I have dishes out the kazoo, not one of them so much as helps with me picking up a better radio signal. The aluminum in my GOP Proof Vest works better!

    I wouldn’t know about no teevee, I don’t got one. I need no excuse for going to the bar, but if’n I did, I got one.

  5. Flying Junior

    Got a little angry when broadcast switched to digital. I couldn’t really get UHF anymore, including NBC. It was one of the most wonderfully liberating experiences of my life. Now the box just sits there unless I push in a DVD. One exception, after choir rehearsal I unwind with Gray’s Anatomy. My little TV still picks up the UCSD channel on UHF. It’s my portal.

    I don’t miss it. I think it makes you get old faster.

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