Fer Cryin Out Loud

Early on, I figured out that to have a chance in a fantasy league, you have to let go of your emotional side. Favorite players or teams will break your heart week after week. I know I got more competitive after I made some acquisitions, and let some poor performers go. (see the 49ers)

On the other hand, as my older but not really wiser brother observed, you can over-think this. I believe I did just that, by benching Kenny Britt to make room for….wait for it….Lance f*cking Moore. Kenny Britt was turning in better and better stats each Sunday, yet I wrongly figured that the Cleveland secondary was ripe for Brees to exploit, and, since he didn’t seem to be throwing much to Marques Colston, I thought this might have been Moore’s big game opportunity. I got 4 points for my trouble. Kenny Britt? 40.


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  1. democommie


    I have no time for “Fantasy Football” as I am too busy with “Fantasy Politics”–oh, wait, I’m not a Teascrotumist. Carry on.

    Boy, does Dallas suck or what? Same for Chicago and the 9ers.

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