What A Little Man

Been avoiding politics these days…recent rulings by SCOTUS have all but ensured that big money-ed interests can do whatever they choose, and damn the ordinary citizen.  I was even going to stay mute about a local race that the Democrats hope to win.  I’m no fan of Josh Evans.  He just isn’t to be taken seriously, its all God and guns with him.  But he has at least picked a side, and he wears his Republican letter-man jacket proudly.  Not so this sniveling, whimpering, craven opportunist the Dems “recruited”.  At first, I just wasn’t going to vote for him.  After getting his latest direct-mail piece, I’ve decided to sit down and write a small check to Evans, and vote for him as well.  (Note to the caller that asked me if I would allow an Evans sign in my yard, sorry I refused, bring a big one)  The entire mailer is about how Tennesseans can’t “afford to lose jobs to illegal aliens.”

I have a friend that does concrete work for a living.  It’s a tough gig, even when the weather is pleasant, but in July and August?  Fuggetaboutit.  He is a foreman of sorts, that is, on most jobs, he is on site making decisions and seeing that the work is done on time and on budget.  He is a hard worker and I have a lot of respect for his work ethic and his honesty.  He recently complained to me that he is having a hard time finishing jobs because he cannot find help, even at 12-15 dollars an hour!  He doesn’t want to run afoul of the law and hire undocumented workers, but it has so bad that I AM GOING TO HELP HIM ON A JOB NEXT WEEK.  I’m 110 yrs old and have no business lifting anything heavier than a beer can, yet, I’ll be his right hand man for a bit.

We are, for the most part, an agricultural area, the “jobs” available are somewhat seasonal and usually physically demanding.  Work tobacco for year and come and tell me how much you enjoyed it.  You think local growers are turning away white, English speaking applicants in favor of using the undocumented?  Bull.  Another industry that might employ immigrants is of course construction, i can’t tell you how many contractors have confided in me that their native born crews are sporadic performers at best, and typically tend to disappear after payday and don’t return until they are broke.

So, Mr. Carneal, since you chose to perpetuate the lie that undocumented workers consume more in services than they produce…lets go ahead and talk about some major employers in our area, shall we?  Will you expose the practice of using temp agencies as a way to circumvent laws requiring employers to verify a person’s right to work?  Or, did some Democratic strategist tell you to go ahead and bully people who cannot vote?  Such a courageous stand.  You saw a mob running and worked your way out front to “lead them.”  That makes you a tool.  And not a very useful one.

Oh, and, if you are running as a Democrat, say so.  Coward.



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7 responses to “What A Little Man

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  2. Yeah, I got that same piece of trash in the mail. Gutless f’ing wonder.

    Isn’t there a third option? Evans looks like such a dick on his posters. And he’s also too gutless to admit he’s against wine in grocery stores.

  3. heartbreaktown

    My Kerouac works on a farm and they can’t get good US-based workers. They go through a federal program that allows them to hire workers from Jamaica – they don’t make much per hour but they work between 60 & 80 hours a week. If it weren’t for that program, the farm could never survive. The State has tried to force, ne encourage, people from underpriviliged neighborhoods to work the farm instead of the Jamaicans. It was a total disaster.

    And how many Americans took advantage of the “take our jobs” promotion?

    The sad fact is, many Americans think they’re too good to work low wage or manual labor. Sadly, some of those people are my dear friends and I know they could work if they tried, but they only want to work a “good” job.

    This is also a result of American’s misplaced pride and snobbery. We should always tell our children that any job is a good job and a valuable contribution to our society.

    One more thing to add: I’ll vote for ANY Democrat for Senate or Congress – I will not assist the Republicans with any numbers that will put the worst of them as heads of committees.

    Save your idealism for Mayors, Governors or Presidents if you have to but don’t give them control of the house or senate.

  4. democommie

    Mr. Mack:

    I will be happy to work anyothem superstitious positions (I can’t lift anything EVEN as heavy as a beer can, which is howcum I do “shooters” allatime).

    Seriously, I appreciate your anger at the Dasshole who won’t even say which party he belongs to. That happens a lot around here.

    I gotta side with Ms. Heartbreaktown on this issue, though. I will NEVER, EVER vote for a Reptilican until there are not enough of them in office to simply obstruct any laws they don’t like, regardless of whether the laws are genuinely good or not.

  5. Jon

    This post makes me wish I lived in your distict so I could write you in for the gig 🙂

  6. Let me guess: that mailer showed pictures of brown people sneaking over, under or through a fence. Am I right? That’s the kind of art that accompanies most of these mailers. Sharron Angle’s shows brown people pushing their way through a chain link fence. Ron Ramsey’s showed them climbing over the fence.

    Tell me, Republicans: why are y’all so hot for a damn fence when your own campaign literature show that IT DOESN’T WORK?!


  7. Nope, he was standing in the middle of a house under construction, you know, the one where the illegal brown-skinned guys have taken the jobs away from the white guys because they’ll work for fourteen cents a day or something.

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