Wrested From My Doldrums

A bad guy in the movie “48 Hours” wants to retrieve a car from a city parking lot, he hands the attendant his claim ticket and the attendant looks at it and exclaims, “it’s been here three years!”  The bad guy says back, “yea, I’ve been BUSY!”

I offered that to explain my absence, and it is true that the schedule here at Coyote Creek has been brutal of late.  I’ve taken on a new gig, and there are two detail deprived teens living here that still expect clean clothes and food on a daily basis.  Spoiled brats.  Suffice to say, I’m not handling these changes all that well.

There isn’t a single political race I care about, (at least not locally) and while I do care a great deal about some issues, I’ve avoided writing about them, I wish I could say precisely why.

However, one issue was brought to my attention last Friday during the football game (btw, both the team and the band kicked some serious ass) and again the following day.   It seems a local teenager and his friend were seriously injured in a car wreck on Hwy 41 near the bottom of the ridge that leads to Goodlettsville from here.  According to the information I have, calls to 911 were made, and the closest available emergency crews were ready to respond immediately, but prohibited to do so because of a lack of something called a “Mutual Aid Agreement.”  By the time a Metro-based ambulance arrived, the 18 yr old boy died from his injuries.

His mother, aided by friends, family, and concerned neighbors, has planned  a rally on Capitol Hill for Sept 22.  They want a law that makes the ‘Mutual Aid Agreement” automatic for every Tennessee county.

Does anyone out there know more about this subject?  I’d like to hear from EMTs, Firefighters, Metro council members, really, anyone with first hand knowledge about how this works.  I plan to do a little research next week and post a follow-up, but I’d appreciate input from anyone remotely familiar with how these agreements work, and why Davidson and Robertson county do not have one.

EDITED TO ADD:  I’ve emailed Rep Josh Evans and asked him to investigate whether or not a bill has ever been introduced to make the Mutual Aid Agreements automatic, and, given his background as an EMT, he should be able to shed some light on the situation.



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6 responses to “Wrested From My Doldrums

  1. democommie


    I don’t know why some counties opt in and others do not. My guess is that it’s about finances, labor and management issues between various counties and municipalities and, perhaps, different levels of training in the same categories.



    is a sample agreement for First Responders to use in NY State.

    This situation is one that underlies the importance of having someone other than cheapskate sonsabitches being elected to positions where they can save the rich money by screwing the rest of us.

  2. Lori Gregory

    It is a money thing Metro gets government funding for the number of calls they answer so they dont want to give up county lines but people deserve better if we are going to have turf wars it needs to be over garbage not lives. Arizona had this problem and resolved it by eliminating county lines so that the first available help can respond

  3. Hmm … I asked Mr. Beale about this as he knows more about this stuff than I do but he was under the impression that last year a statewide mutual aid agreement was passed?

  4. Beale, I should have thought to ask you. Thats interesting….I’ll make some calls on Monday.

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  6. heartbreaktown

    So, I don’t get it… what is it?

    And what the hell is wrong with TN that people can’t get emergency help when the need it? (ie. Gene Cranick’s house burning down!)

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