Billy Paul Fever!

Catch it.

Good Lord.  Somebody has been reading polls.  Low taxes!  Scary brown people!  2nd Amendment!  He’s for all the things, you know, the “home town” values (as opposed to what, exactly, vacation values?) that his opponent is for, only Josh Evans has picked a side.  Josh’s side call themselves Republicans.  I thought Mr. Carneal was running as a Democrat.  (Sure, I knew his son once ran for office as a Republican, but I held out hope that the elder Carneal  had at least a slightly different philosophy with respect to public policy)  But even aided by the Hubble telescope, I doubt you would find the word DEMOCRAT anywhere on his website.  I did find these two words:  honest, courageous.  Just sayin.

Here is what breaks my heart.  He is a good man, by all accounts.  Former teacher, former principal, and current mayor of Springfield, he knows a lot of people, and the ones I have met say nice things about him.  I have no doubt that he loves his family.  And our troops.  (He has a son who was twice deployed to Iraq)  He even appears to be a competent executive.  He is, by most measurements, a leader in this community.   So why, why, WHY adopt your opponents platform?  This was your opportunity to LEAD, not follow.  I think somebody told him that in order to use the State Representative voice, you first have to become State Representative.  And hey, we have polls showing that Tennesseans like low taxes and don’t like illegal aliens!

Tennessee Democrats, even and maybe especially those hiding the fact that they are Democrats, have repeatedly tried to counter the Republican message by amplifying it.  Take a look around next November, count the number of seats we hold, and then please explain to me why this is considered a winning strategy?  I get that candidates have to find and then perfect the “10 word answer” to the various issues of the day, and that it is difficult to articulate nuance on the stump.  BUT THIS IS HIS WEBSITE.  It is the place to flesh out your positions, and explain why.  Identify the problems, propose your solutions.  YOU’RE A FORMER EDUCATOR, FOR CRISSAKES.  Educate.  Do we really need another politician that sees the crowd going somewhere, then runs out ahead of it so that he may lead?

I guess the strategy here is to appeal to moderate Republicans that may be unsure about Evans.  But if you hold the same positions, why not run as a Republican, and help that Party elect some moderates that can be reasoned with?

Bah, I don’t know why I bother.  We are about to be gerrymandered into oblivion anyway.


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3 responses to “Billy Paul Fever!

  1. We are about to be gerrymandered into oblivion anyway.

    Ah yes. Well, when your “Democratic” state reps are Republicans anyway, it doesn’t really matter does it?

  2. BTW who needs gerrymandering when all you have to do is deny people a ballot?

  3. Hell, Billy Paul’s bound to lose anyway. When you look at his site, he’s only got four bullet points, while Josh has eight and HE numbers them just like he could count.

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