We Deserve Sharron Angle

Harry Reid, you cowardly, feckless, craven, sniveling, pathetic, cringing little milksop.  I had made my mind up after yesterday’s cricket fest here to avoid controversy for awhile, and just write about people and events that I find unique and interesting.  But I couldn’t do another thing until I called out THE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER for essentially reaching into his $36 drawers, pulling out his shriveled, limp and lonely pecker (having long ago been de-balled) and pissing on the First Amendment.  If you can’t beat that lunatic candidate without pandering to her base of unhinged super-patriots, you don’t need to be shepherding important legislation through the United States Senate.  Period.  Go buy a roll of quarters and ogle the chesty waitresses at the Rio.  We might end up as the minority party after November, and then we will need fighters.

Sucked into another Republican black-hole.  What an amateur.


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3 responses to “We Deserve Sharron Angle

  1. Yeah, now Reid claims that he took the sacrificial route, “providing cover” for other Dem candidates to support the mosque.

    I mean, WTF? If you need “cover” to support both First Amendment and private property owners’ rights, you don’t need to be in office, certainly not as a Democrat. As the video satirically noted, there’s a Republican for that.

    Honestly no wonder people are apathetic.

  2. democommie

    Not to defend Reid or anyone else in the Democratic ranks, but I don’t think it makes a lot of difference what they say or do.

    I don’t own a television so what little I watch is when I’m at the bar or visiting someone. What I see on television, whether it’s FauxNews, CNN or any other “news” program is so heavily weighted towards the breathlessness of RWA bullshit that it’s become difficult to tell exactly what channel you’re viewing. America seems to have become addicted to manufactroversies and hype (it ain’t “style”, folks) over substance.

    Reid’s a gutless fuck. He should simply do the right thing (if he still knows how to do that), regardless of the fact that Sharon Angle gets away with telling outright lies–every time she opens her mouth–without being called on it by the media.

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